Village Hall Hire Charges

For non – Parishioners                          per hour    Minimum Hire Charge 2 hours


Main Hall plus kitchen                               £8.80                         £17.60

Function room plus kitchen                      £6.40                          £12.80


Half Day Hire (maximum 5hrs)               per Half Day

Main Hall plus kitchen                             £35.20

Function room plus kitchen                     £25.60


Day Hire (maximum 15 hours)                 per Day

Main Hall plus kitchen                             £70.40

Function room plus kitchen                     £51.20

When hiring the main hall if the function room is also required there is an additional charge of £3.00. If the use of ‘The Bar’ is also required there is an  extra £6.00 charge.

Please note if alcohol is to be sold, or included in the cost of food/admission a licence is required.

For regular bookings and for parishioners the hall can be hired at a reduced cost.

For details and hall availability please contact Susan Grant Tel. 01603 881536

4 Responses to Village Hall Hire Charges

  1. Stu says:

    Good evening, my name is Stu and I live at 1 Fellowes Road in the village. Our son is getting married on the 12th of October, and he wants to have a small gathering to celebrate on Friday the 14th of October. Would it be possible to book and use the village Hall for this, would we be able to have a small disco, and I believe he is going to say bring a bottle so any bar facility would be good too. Also would it be possible to have a bouncy castle, inflatable slide and a few other attractions for the children, if possible on the green next to the village hall. If this would be possible and the date is available, please could you tell me the cost of this ?

    Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    Regards Stu.

    • humanl says:

      All the Village Hall bookings are via Susan and Ray Grant on 01603 881536. Congratulations!

  2. Carrie Miller says:

    How many does the function room hold? Looking for venue for my daughter’s 9th birthday in September for approx 10-20 children.

    • humanl says:

      Hi Carrie, personally I don’t think the function room would be big enough because it’s a long room, but you might think differently. I think it would be a good idea to come and have a look and decide for yourself, you can also see the facilities available such as the kitchen/toilets/car park/playground etc. Have a chat with Ray or Susan Grant on 01603 881536, they can also tell you whether or not the Hall is free on the date you require, and if it is they can arrange to meet you at the Hall.
      Kind Regards
      Linda Human

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