Village Hall News

Coffee Morning Tuesday 12th September 2017

Come along for a cuppa and a chat, and help us plan 3 upcoming events at the Village Hall – Shinankins next month, Autumn Fayre in November, and the Christmas Quiz. We will be in the Village Hall from 10am until 11’ish – tea, coffee, biscuits, raffle and good company!

Results re Questionnaire Updating Honingham Village Hall Toilets

The Parish Council wished to consult with parishioners about their proposals for the village hall toilet improvements. To this effect, in May 2017, a questionnaire was sent to 142 households to gain parishioners’ views.



Put simply, the questionnaire listed the 3 main options.


  1. The complete refurbishment at c £40,000. (+ VAT)
  2. The access toilet, cleaner’s sink and baby change at c. £15,000. (+VAT)
  3. The cleaner’s sink only at c. £2,500. (+VAT)


There was also space for comments.


The response was poor, but of those questionnaires returned, the results are:


33.3% in favour of option 1

53.3% in favour of option 2

13.4% in favour of option 3.

Coffee Morning Tuesday 8th August

Come for a chat and a cuppa at the Village Hall on Tuesday 8th August…..we have tea, coffee, biscuits, a raffle…..and lots of company.

10am ‘ish to 11am’ish….

Looking forward to seeing you!

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee, Meeting held Mon 3rd July 2017

These are the draft Minutes, to be agreed at next meeting on 14th August 2017.

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee

Minutes of the meeting held at  4 p.m Monday 3rd July 2017.

Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human, Mrs Julie Turner.

Mr Brian Winchester.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting.

Read by all before the meeting and signed by Ray as a true record.

  1. Matters arising.

Linda had been advised that if all work on the toilet improvements goes through the Parish Council, we will not be liable for VAT.

Ray to confirm 28th October for the folk dance with “ Shinanikins”. Food to be organised by the committee, as at the quizzes.

Festive quiz to be arranged for Sat 2nd Dec. Possible theme “Rocky Horror Show”.

Filing cabinet still to be purchased. Julie to put a wanted ad on Gumtree.

The children’s tuition classes will start in Sept, 4 hours on a Thursday a.m. Mr Peter Baldock will be present.

£160 was raised from Ray’s peony weekend. The committee thanked him and Susan.


  1. Treasurer’s report- running account

As at 8/5/17 there was £4,847.79 in the Santander account.


  1. Treasurer’s report – fundraising account.

As at 3/7/17 there was £3,000.40 in the Barclays account.


  1. Mains water leak.

Ray had asked a local builder to repair the leak. He was an ex Anglian Water employee and said that May Gurney had used incorrect fittings when they put the original pipe in, some 30 years ago. Ray will write to Kier (who took over May Gurney in 2013) to explain the situation. The drive now needs to be tarmacked which Ray will organise. The cost of the work is unknown.

  1. 5 Year electrical test.

This, plus the PAT test is being arranged with A.D.R Electrical.


Oct 28th – hopefully the folk dance with Shinanikins.

Dec 2nd – Festive Quiz.

Possibly an Autumn Fair on either 24/9/17 or 1/10/17, both Sundays.


  1. Any other business.

Fire Risk Assessment to be discussed at the next meeting. Fire Safe have checked the extinguishers (£57) – 3 large extinguishers, a CO2 extinguisher and a fire blanket.

£23.50 raised from catering at Bellfolk’s concert on 2/7/17.

Hall insurance paid (£638.67). Renew on 24/6/18.


  1. Date of next meeting.

Monday 14th August at 3.00 p.m.

Coffee Morning Tuesday 11th July 2017

Come for a coffee (or tea) and biscuits and a natter next Tuesday – 11th – in the Village Hall at 10 o clock’ish until 11 o clock’ish.

Village Hall Questionnaire

If you haven’t returned your questionnaire yet, re upgrading toilets in the village hall, please return soon! Either post in the Phone Box or hand to any of the Parish Councillors….

Thank you 😊👍

Coffee Morning 13.06.17

It’s Coffee Morning at the Village Hall on Tuesday 13th June from 10 am until 11’sh. Nice to see lots of new faces, our numbers are building! Look forward to seeing you all for a cuppa and a chat, plus biscuits and a raffle!