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Honingham Village Hall Management Committee – meeting 03 04 17

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee

Minutes of the meeting held at 4 p.m Monday 3rd April 2017

Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human.

Mrs Julie Turner.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting.

Read by all before the meeting and signed as a true record.

  1. Matters arising.

Ray has informed hirers of the increases in the hourly charge.

Further quotations for the toilet improvements have all been over £35,000. Ray had emailed the plans to Paul Hemnell, the licensing officer at BDC, to ask if this was excessive. He had replied that the quotations were not excessive. Sally, Linda and Ray will meet at Sally’s on Thurs 20th April to research further possible grants.


  1. Treasurer’s report- running account

No treasurer’s report but Ray presented the annual accounts. Copies given to committee.

£1, 5006.83 made, mostly due to not paying a cleaner. Thanks given to Susan and Ray. Mr Gwilliams held his last charity dance in March ’17. We will miss the income from his bookings (£900).


  1. Treasurer’s report – fundraising account.

3 year’s interest from The Yorkshire Building Society has now been added. Barclays and YBS combined totals £6,037.55


  1. Monthly charity dance.

Mr Gwilliams has now finished his monthly charity dances. Ray to put an article in The Pump.

  1. Hall bookings.

There are no new bookings.


There is a Bowls Event on 25th June. We will perhaps hold an event to coincide – another History Day?

Ray and Susan will hold their Peony Weekend again, probably 10/11th June.

Sally to ask George Middleton about Shinanikins’s availability in September.

Ray to find out about an Elvis impersonator.

Linda to find out about line dancing.

  1. Any other business.

The committee ratified The Equal Opportunities policy.

Ray showed us a letter about “Houses of Parliament” week in November ’17. To be given to Earthsea House and discussed at the next coffee morning.

The business rate/ council tax has decreased.

Sally requested to borrow some glasses, a teapot and the urn for a 90th birthday party on April 29th. Agreed.

  1. Date of next meeting.

Monday 15th May at 4.00 p.m.      (Also Tues May 2nd, annual meeting following P.C annual meeting).

Coffee Morning Tuesday 11th April 2017

Coffee morning next Tuesday in the Village Hall 10am’ish until 11am’ish. Lovely to see lots more people last month 😊 Join us for coffee, tea, biscuits, raffle and a chat…..also discussing our next Honingham History project ☕️🍪👍

Improving the A47

Highways England are consulting on proposals to improve the A47 between North Tuddenham and Easton. The proposals will create a new dual Carriageway, which is hoped will relieve congestion, provide extra road space, improve safety and help provide a free flowing network. The consultation will run for 6 weeks from Monday 13th March to Friday 21st April. There are 4 proposed routes for our section, and they all have a significant impact on our village. As an example, proposal 2 has the new dual Carriageway along the present A47…. but this means access to our Church is cut off by the dual carriageway making walking to church very difficult; proposal 4 (the only route south of the village) cuts through Berry’s Lane and across to the top of Colton Road – what happens to the buildings in Berry’s Lane and the houses along the Mattishall Road?. Both proposals 1 and 3 cut through Wood Lane, so again, what happens to properties along there?

There will be an exhibition by Highways England in Honingham Village Hall on Thu April 6th from 3pm to 8pm of these proposals and staff will be on hand to explain these and answer any questions. Copies of the brochure (as above) are being requested and will be placed in the Phonebox and Notice Boards for you to take a look. Further info can be had by going to or 0300 123 5000.

Your Parish Council will be actively involved in this process and will be making representations, you may inform our decision making process at the next PC meeting April 10th or contact one of the councillors. You may also make personal representations to Highways England.

Coffee Morning Tue 14th March

Come and have a cuppa and a chat at the Village Hall on Tuesday 14th March at 10 am, we have biscuits and a raffle too! 🙂

Village Hall Committee meeting February 2017

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee
Minutes of the meeting held at 4 p.m Monday 20th February 2017
Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human, Mrs Julie Turner.
1. Apologies.
2. Minutes of previous meeting.
Read by all before the meeting and signed as a true record.

3. Matters arising.
Christine Harvey has tidied the store room again and will take some old equipment to the skip. When the toilets are being refurbished, we will need as much room as possible in the store room.
There was much discussion over our hourly rate hire charges. All agreed to the proposed increases, as detailed in a hand out from Ray.
If a cheque bounces, we need cash prior to the event.
We have received 2 quotes re: the toilet refurbishment. More expected.
Sally met Denise Winson at the hall and has the curtain measurements for the 2 windows in the main hall. Sally and Julie subsequently obtained several samples and will meet Denise before making a final choice.

4. Treasurer’s report.
Christine reported that there was £4,325.59 in Santander as at 6th Feb 2017.
Ray presented a handout showing income/expenditure to 31/12/16 for this account.

5. Yorkshire Building Society Account.
There is £3,739.47 in this account.

6. Equal Opportunities Statement of Policy.
Sally and Linda will meet to rewrite our policy.

7. Hire charges.
This was dealt with in Matters Arising.

8. Application for small grant.
Sally presented the application form for the small grant. There is lots of information to gather but once obtained, this can be used for subsequent grant applications.

9. Any other business.
Ray had obtained a leaflet about WIFI in village halls. Julie will ask Jerry to have a look.

10. Fundraising.
The jazz evening raised £175.
Mr Human donated £50

11. Date of next meeting.
Monday 3rd April at 4.00 p.m.

Coffee Morning 14th Feb

Come and join us for coffee at the Village Hall next Tues (14th). Enjoy tea or coffee ☕️ , biscuits 🍪, a raffle 📕, and a good old chin wag! 10am until approx 11am 😊

Honingham Village Hall – Minutes

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee
Minutes of the meeting held at 4 p.m Monday 9th January 2017
Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Julie Turner, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human.
1. Apologies.

2. Minutes of previous meeting.
Read by all before the meeting and signed as a true record.

3. Matters arising.
The equipment has been tidied in the store room and Ray will contact Christine Harvey at the end of January (2017) re: housing her surplus equipment.
£129 was banked after expenses had been taken out for the history day. £77.40 has been reimbursed to Paul Blyth for flip displays.
Following the booking on 24/12/16, we need to a) Look at our hourly rate to see if we are covering our costs – increase in April if necessary and b) consider a contingency plan for if a cheque bounces.
Ray has fitted 2 battery smoke alarms.
Ray presented a copy of the latest plans for the toilet refurbishment. Linda explained about costings and possible ways of raising the money.
The boiler broke down after the service but has been repaired free of charge.

4. Treasurer’s report. Christine reported that as at 7/11/16, there was £3,963.98 in the Santander account.
Ray presented a summary of the fundraising account ( Barclays), showing that we have sufficient funds to donate £2,500.00 towards the toilet refurbishment.

5. Any other business.
A £300 donation from the defunct bowls club may be given to buy new curtains for the two windows in the main hall. Sally will ask Denise Winsom to measure up for new curtains and/or new linings only, depending on the price.

6. Fundraising.
There have been approx. 30 tickets sold for the Jazz Night on 14th January so far.
The Festive Quiz raised £145.65.

7. Date of next meeting.
There will be an extra meeting on Monday 23rd January at 4 p.m with the main meeting on Monday 20th February at 4 p.m.