Bowls Club

Survey re Bowls Club

We have asked for all returns – to any Parish Councillor, or via the Phone Box – to be handed in by midnight Friday 22nd July……so just today and tomorrow left! So far we have had a 25% return, but we would really welcome your views so if you haven’t done so yet Please Return! Anyone having difficulty in getting to the phone box, or a Councillor, please let Linda know on 880089, and we can arrange collection.

Thank you 😊


We started putting a survey through village doors at the weekend, hopefully all done soon. If you haven’t received a survey by the end of this week please let Linda Human know on 880089 and I will get one to you. Exciting! Not only will we get an idea of your wishes regarding the Bowls Green, but it should give us a good idea of the age range in the village – we think we’re older range but nice to have this confirmed, and also to know how many youngsters we have. 😊

The Ailwyn Field

After a query regarding the possible usage of the bowls club land, please see this document below that clearly states that the Ailwyn Field is intended for recreational purposes for the villagers of Honingham.


A new idea for the former Bowling Green

This idea from Sally Blyth, apparently raised beds or large pots could be used so present soil depth not a problem. Please let us know your thoughts:

My idea is that we develop the bowling green into a Sensory/ Community garden. The green would be loosely divided into 4, hopefully 5, areas to represent the 5 senses. When I was headteacher, I created a garden that contained things like the following:

Sound – gravel paths that made a noise as you walked on them, wind chimes that could be hung from branches or man made features, “weeping” type shrubs that rustled in the wind.

Sight- plants of different colours and height, paths that make patterns such as a spiral or zig zag, a “dry” garden built on a rockery to add visual interest, mounds of different sizes created and planted with grass seed.

Touch – plants such as different grasses, rockery plants, stones, logs, a water feature even ( utilise the pipe that is already there). I had a solar powered pump for the water feature at one of the schools.

Smell – any plants that smell nice – lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle. The climbing plants could be trained to grow up a trellis. Bees and butterflies would be attracted then, adding to sight and sound.

Taste – apple, pear, walnut trees. Nothing that needs a lot of looking after.

In the centre of the garden, there could be an arch or pergola with a bench. The garden would be ongoing and added to, with interested villagers encouraged to make it “their own”. There would be an initial financial outlay depending on the garden design and we would need several volunteers to do the work but once that was done, it should not need much maintenance. Any grass may need to be cut, but some of it should be left to grow wild on purpose. Some weeding and pruning may be needed.

There is a good sensory garden in Hunstanton that we could visit to get more inspiration. I don’t know if there is one nearer.

If the council are interested, I could do a presentation at the next PC meeting. Also if anyone is preparing a survey to find out what the people in the village would like the Bowling Green to become, perhaps my idea could be included. As I wasn’t at the last meeting, I don’t know what decisions were made.

Best wishes

Sally Blyth

The meeting about the Bowling Green (2nd December 2015)

A pretty fair turnout last evening for this very important matter.

From the start the Chairman threw the session open to the floor, and several interesting ideas for the future of the area were put forward – some were discussed at length and some left open for further thought. Everything was minuted, and those minutes will be published on the web site in the near future.

It became obvious, though, that more work is needed to establish the exact ownership of the land, and whether there are any covenants in existence. The Clerk is delving into the Stygian darkness of the Deeds and hopes to have everything established in time for the next PC meeting on January 6th. Good luck George!


Extraordinary Meeting of Honingham PC to discuss closure of Bowls Club

Meeting in Village Hall on Weds 2nd December at 7.30 pm to discuss Bowls Club Closure

After more than 50 years in Honingham our Bowls Club has closed through lack of membership.

It has been kept in excellent condition, in particular by two Bowls Club stalwarts Ted Perritt and Aubrey Webb. It is a single storey wooden building with a bar and two seating areas, some double glazing, and outside toilets. The Bowling Green is in very fine condition.

The Bowls Club is owned by the Parish Council and we need to decide what to do with this building and land – and for that we need the villagers of Honingham to help with our decision making. We are holding an extraordinary Parish Council Meeting in the Village Hall at 7.30pm to discuss this matter and we would like as many villagers as possible to attend and give us your views. If you have some suggestions and cannot make the meeting could someone attend and raise your issues? Or, put your ideas on paper and give them to any of the Parish Councillors who will bring them up at the meeting.

Several ideas for the future use of the club house and bowling green have been suggested eg. Leased to another bowling club (unlikely as several local clubs are already closing); leased to other enterprises such as childrens play group etc, but again unlikely due to lack of heating for the winter months and outside toilets; sold for housing but only social housing likely to be granted permission to build and what do we do as a village with the extra cash this would generate?; remove the building to stop it rotting and becoming unsafe, and then turn the whole area into a recreation amenity area for the village

David Bishop, Chair HPC,