Bowls Club

Extraordinary Meeting of Honingham PC to discuss closure of Bowls Club

Meeting in Village Hall on Weds 2nd December at 7.30 pm to discuss Bowls Club Closure

After more than 50 years in Honingham our Bowls Club has closed through lack of membership.

It has been kept in excellent condition, in particular by two Bowls Club stalwarts Ted Perritt and Aubrey Webb. It is a single storey wooden building with a bar and two seating areas, some double glazing, and outside toilets. The Bowling Green is in very fine condition.

The Bowls Club is owned by the Parish Council and we need to decide what to do with this building and land – and for that we need the villagers of Honingham to help with our decision making. We are holding an extraordinary Parish Council Meeting in the Village Hall at 7.30pm to discuss this matter and we would like as many villagers as possible to attend and give us your views. If you have some suggestions and cannot make the meeting could someone attend and raise your issues? Or, put your ideas on paper and give them to any of the Parish Councillors who will bring them up at the meeting.

Several ideas for the future use of the club house and bowling green have been suggested eg. Leased to another bowling club (unlikely as several local clubs are already closing); leased to other enterprises such as childrens play group etc, but again unlikely due to lack of heating for the winter months and outside toilets; sold for housing but only social housing likely to be granted permission to build and what do we do as a village with the extra cash this would generate?; remove the building to stop it rotting and becoming unsafe, and then turn the whole area into a recreation amenity area for the village

David Bishop, Chair HPC,

Honingham Bowls Club

So very sad to hear at the recent PC Meeting that the Club is closing through lack of membership numbers.

What can the village now do with the vacant green and clubhouse?

Have you any thoughts or ideas? If so please add them here as comments.

Roll up Roll up………………………………


Honingham Bowls Club has a superb green and a licensed clubhouse. The club plays in the EBA and Cawston Triples leagues.

However, the club desperately needs to recruit more players. If you are interested in playing this lovely game, contact Ted Perrett on Norwich 880468 for more information

Access to the village’s Bowling Green

Since the recent posts about the green, one or two people have asked about how they can organise a casual session of bowls at the green. Who do they need to contact to get the gate unlocked etc etc? Who do they have to pay and how much?

It seems there is an interest in the village for such casual sessions, or organised “try it” activities put on by the Club.

Could somebody from the Club please respond and let us know what can be done?

Extract from the minutes of the June 2014 Parish Council meeting……….

A letter was read from Honingham Bowls Club, describing the difficult situation they were now in, with fewer members, and problems financing the maintenance of the green. The letter said £800 per year was required. The Parish Council agreed to pay this for the first year, and then to review the situation next year. A cheque for £800 was signed. Representatives of the Bowls Club were present at the meeting, and some discussion took place about ways of attracting new members.

Messrs Perrett and Cullender were asked to consider ideas for getting villagers to take an interest in the Club, possibly through some kind of open day or evening.

Honingham Bowls Club

The club was founded in 1923. 62 years later the green was made larger, under the capable hands of Aubrey Webb and the late Ally Norman. Ally was the instigator for this project, and with the help of club members it was turned into the excellent green it still is today.

On the club’s 75th anniversary in 1998 the England President of the EBA and his team were invited to Honingham by Tony Lyon to play our team.

The green is still maintained by Aubrey, and over the years it has seen quite a few members winning various competitions and playing for Norfolk.

However, as each season comes along we often wonder how much longer we can carry on as the membership gets older. If there is anyone out there – young or old – who would like to join us, do please contact Aubrey on 01603 880270 or myself, Ted Perrett, on 01603 880468. This could be your forte!