History-The village & the people

The majority of historical photos will be placed here. Showing how the village has developed over the years & a few familiar faces in there too!

Sunday Funday

we have 2 events in Honingham this Sunday (4th)…12 noon until 5pm for bowls, and 2pm to 5pm for the Hall.

Honingham Bowls have a go day, at the old Bowling Club, nothing formal just roll up and have a go! Also target bowls to win a small prize, and crazy golf or croquet for the children. Do have a go at “bowl in a box”…..prize is seeing Craig Matless eat his Next Sunday lunch in the pub – wearing a dress 😂 This just has to be won…..photos will be obligatory Craig!

From 2pm the Village Hall is holding Honingham History Day…..a wonderful archive of stories, events and photo’s, see which families first lived in your house, read about life in the Village School (closed for a week to get the black currant harvest in, or a measles epidemic), the murder at Honingham Hall, the Honingham Hoard, the Americans stationed here during the war, and lots more. Teas, soft drinks and cakes will be available, plus a raffle in aid of the Village Hall. Any offers of help, raffle prizes or cakes gratefully received on the day or contact Linda on 01603 880089.

Honingham History Day

Honingham History!

There is a lot of interesting stuff to know about our village, we agreed at the Tuesday Coffee Morning this week. And several of us have that stuff in the attic!

We agreed that there are probably many people living in the village now, who would like to know a bit more about it. So we propose, with the agreement of the Village Hall Management Committee, to hold a Honingham History Day from 2pm to 7pm Sunday 4th Sept. when everyone will be able to see our history, through documents, photos and souvenirs. There will also be teas and cakes, of course. This event will take some preparation! If you would like to be part of that, and of course, if you have things of interest to share, please come and join us in the village hall from 10 – 11am on Tuesday 14th June and Tuesday 12th July, when we will be sorting and planning. How exciting is that!!!

For those of you unable to come along to our coffee mornings, if you would like more information or if you have items that you think we would like to include (photos, letters, artefacts etc.) then please contact one of the organisers and we will be pleased to chat.

Frances 880345, Julie 881133, Linda 880089, Sally 880286, Susan 881536

Do come and help us! And put 4th Sept. in your diaries……

Frances Middleton

Honingham Hall locomotive in trouble!!!

The RAC Box – Bryan Webb’s memories

The RAC Sentry box was a landmark situated on the fork road junction with Mattishall Road when travelling from Norwich to Kings Lynn on the A47.

As you may know the RAC is an organisation for the motorist to give them support and assistance when needed whilst motoring. When you become a member you receive a key which fits all RAC boxes in the country, so members can use the boxes to summon assistance.

The local patrolman by the name of Joe Thompson, with his motorcycle and fully equipped sidecar would regularly park on this very dangerous junction in front of the RAC Box.

When on duty, the duty of the patrolman was to view each approaching vehicle to see if it was displaying an RAC badge at the front. If so, he had to salute the driver. It was said that many members reported a patrolman if they were not so acknowledged!

It was also said that the patrolman was responsible for maintaining the box and the upkeep of the area around it.

Over the years there were many accidents at that junction. The one i shall never forget was when an ambulance with several badly injured people on board from a serious accident on the Buck corner was on its way to the N&N hospital and overturned onto its roof in the field behind the box. Conditions were snowy and icy at the time.

The RAC box was listed in the Eastern Counties Bus timetable as the only No 13 stop for Honingham village both ways on the Mattishall Road.

Honingham & Tuddenham – 1963 film

We are grateful to Mrs Sapey for sending us this link to a lovely film about the vicar for the area made in 1963. Fascinating glimpses of the villages, the churches, Honingham Hall, Mr Baldwin, the school, and residents.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. Click on the link below


Warren Bridge from an old postcard

Warren Bridge 1908

Warren Bridge 1911

Mrs Robinson – Church Farm House

The farm and house had been separated for some years and in 1950 the house was occupied by Mrs Mary Burton – widow of Dr Burton, and her daughter Helen. Help for the house and garden was obtained from the village people. Mrs Burton died well into her 90’s and Miss Helen  continued to live there for some time on her own. Eventually she decided  to move into a smaller home in Norwich, selling the house to Mr William Quinton, whose grandfather William Grand had been landlord of the Honingham Buck.

Mr Quinton was a Barclays Bank  manager and his son Richard became chairman of Barclays Bank. He and his brother Michael and sister Shirley lived at Church Farm House until their marriages. Michael married  the second daughter of Mr Bert Smith. With the children gone Mr & Mrs Quinton found the house too large and moved back to Norwich, selling the house to Mr & Mrs Myrtle, who built the brick wall which now encloses the road side of the garden.

Mr Myrtle was a director of Norwich Breweries, and when it was taken over he moved to Scotland, selling the house to Mr & Mrs David Hooker, who converted the back part of the house for Mrs Hooker’s parents, Mr & Mrs Harry Hodgson. In 1987 Mr & Mrs Hooker were working in London but usually spending their weekends at Church Farm House.