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Coffee Morning Tuesday 8th August

Come for a chat and a cuppa at the Village Hall on Tuesday 8th August…..we have tea, coffee, biscuits, a raffle…..and lots of company.

10am ‘ish to 11am’ish….

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Mrs.Betty Hodgson’s funeral at St.Andrews Church Honingham on Monday July 10th at 2pm.

After Mrs.Betty Hodgson moved to Church Farm House she soon became involved in village life. She was a valued member of the church often doing the flower arrangements. As President of Honingham Womens Institute, and a member of the darts team, she invited members to her house where they spent many happy afternoons playing tennis and having cups of tea and cake. Many parisheners have fond memories of their children having lots of fun in the swimming pool on the games afternoons. We also enjoyed walking round the garden and viewing the snowdrops. Table Tennis was another of her interests and she was a very good player. She will be remembered with affection by the people of Honingham.

Susan Grant

former member of Honingham Women’s Institute

Mrs Betty Hodgson Church Farm House

Sad news, resident of many years Mrs Betty Hodgson passed away yesterday at her nursing home. Susan Grant has more details; the funeral is probably next week.

Can you help?

Had an enquiry today from someone doing research on his family tree; trying to trace his cousin, surname Hanwell, who lived on a farm in Honingham……

Thats all the info I have, but if anyone has any info would they let me know on the Honingham email or tel 01603 880089

Many thanks


Coffee Morning Tues 9th May 2017

Don’t forget it’s time for a cuppa and a chat in the Village Hall next Tuesday (9th May) at 10am until 11’ish…..


Barnado’s Boys

Do you remember the Barnado’s Boys at Honingham Hall?
Paul Blyth went to school with many of them and became firm friends with some; he has recently been in touch with Leon Squires, one of his school friends who was a Barnado Boy, and Leon came to see Paul and Sally recently, and they have just made a visit to Leon. Paul and Leon are hoping to arrange a reunion of as many “old boys” as they can and hope that the website may provide a way of getting in touch with them – Barnado’s would not be able to supply this information for obvious reasons.
This from Paul and Sally:
Leon came to see Paul in late March and was able to look at some of the archive material the village hall has about the Dr Barnado’s boys at Honingham Hall. They remembered each other and started thinking about other boys and whether they could arrange a reunion. Leon now lives in Tiverton and so when Paul  went to Devon in April, they could meet up again – this time with their respective wives, Jacky and Sally. Leon has a painting of Honingham Hall by Alf Baldwin which he had brought along. When Alf Baldwin retired from looking after the boys at Honingham Hall, he and his wife lived in one side of what is now Paul and Sally’s house.
If anyone has any contact with ex Honingham Hall boys, could they please let them know that a reunion is being considered.

Coffee Morning Tuesday 11th April 2017

Coffee morning next Tuesday in the Village Hall 10am’ish until 11am’ish. Lovely to see lots more people last month 😊 Join us for coffee, tea, biscuits, raffle and a chat…..also discussing our next Honingham History project ☕️🍪👍