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Information from BDC regarding Site Allocations Development Plan Docs

A letter has been received from Broadland District Council outlining the Adoption Statement relating to the Site Allocations DPD, which sets out the date on which the Plan is adopted, modifications undertaken, and the procedure to follow for anyone wishing to seek a legal challenge. George, Parish Clerk has a copy of this and also an accompanying CD.

The adopted Plan, and supporting documentation, will be available to view at the following locations:

  • The Broadland District Council website (
  • Broadland District Council, Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Rd, Thorpe St Andrews NR7 0DU (mon – fri 0830 to 1700hrs)
  • All libraries in Broadland District and the Millenium Library.

Any queries, contact or 01603 430567

If anyone understands these things and can identify where it will affect Honingham I would be grateful! As far as I can see it is to do mainly with housing needs  up to 2036 and I don’t see where we fit into this…so, hopefully unaffected.  Linda H

The Plan prepared during 2012


During 2011 a Planning Questionnaire was distributed to the 150 or so properties in the village. 67 (45%) of these were returned completed. This report summarises for the Parish Council the analysis and results gleaned from this good representative sample of the views of Honingham’s inhabitants.

The report’s sections follow the structure of the Questionnaire :-

People and Housing

Neighbourhood Environment

Community Facilities

Communication and Local Democracy

Policing & Safer Neighbourhood

Transport and Access


Some of the questions brought out many comments and suggestions.


The report has been considered by the Parish Council, and their comments are added in italics.


We would like to thank all who have responded to the questionnaire and made this such a worthwhile exercise.




1. How many people in your household are within the following age groups?

0 to 8 years



9 to 16 years



17 to 21 years



22 to 29 years



30 to 39 years



40 to 49 years



50 to 59 years



60 to 69 years



70 and over



Total                149


Note –on this basis 61% of our residents are over 50, and 40% are over 60


Whilst being aware of the mixed age range, we need always to recognise the needs of our aging population.



2. How long has your family lived in the Village?

0 – 2 years



3 – 9years



10 – 19 years



20 – 29 years



30 – 39 years



40 years or longer



Total                 67


30% are relative newcomers, so we are still a popular place to come to. And 70% have been here more than 10 years, which proves further how popular it is.



3. If more affordable housing was available would any of your family who have left the village like to return?







Don’t know or N/A



Total                67

This does not seem to be a real issue.


4. What things do you like most about living in Honingham?

Peace and quiet (38 mentions)

Friendly, neighbourly & community spirit (32)

Access to A47, A11, Norwich & Dereham (23)

Pub (17)

Access to countryside, wildlife & walks (15)

Unspoilt rural environment (14)

Location (11)

Safe and crime free (8)

No big developments (7)

Facilities & Activities (6)

Bus service (4)

Cleanliness (4)

No street lights (1)

Close to family (1)


The Parish Council will continue to strive to preserve and foster these attributes.


5. What things do you like least about living in Honingham?

Traffic noise/Speeding/ morning rush hour rat-run  (35 mentions)

Lack of amenities – shop, PO, prescription collection (20)

Poor bus service (10)

Dog fouling and barking (8)

No street lights (4)

Industrial estate (3)

Not enough community spirit (3)

No access to river (2)

An unfriendly and selfish minority (2)

Roadway near shrine & village hall entrance (2)

Flooding in Hall Drive (2)

Rabbits in garden (2)

Lack of footpaths/cycle paths (2)

Fear of development – Norwich getting too close (2)

Light pollution from security lights (1)

Unsupervised youths from Merrywood (Dealt with)

Vehicles parked on road (1)

No activities/playgroups for youngsters (1)

Not enough young families (1)

2 weekly rubbish collection (1)

Lack of support for village activities (1)

Church the other side of the A47 (1)


We are investigating the availability of grant funds to improve the roadway around the shrine. Some of the other points are not down to the Council – they just depend upon us all being good, considerate neighbours


  1. What do you think could be done to improve the environment in Honingham? 

Highways items

  • Earth bank to cut down A47 noise
  • Better road maintenance & smoother pavements
  • Some street lighting
  • Reinstate footpath on Mattishall Rd (done)
  • Cycle path to Norwich
  • Close off A47/Berrys Lane junction
  • Dual A47 –well to the north of existing route
  • Speed restrictions on Mattishall Rd, school & bus stop         
  • Better road signs & speed humps
  • Close off “layby” on Dereham Rd to eliminate flytipping
  • Make village “access only”
  • Trim hedges on Mattishall Rd


The traffic lights have greatly improved many of our problems. We look forward to the real solution – the dualling of the A47!

Footpaths & land

  • Dog bins and signs to reduce fouling (in hand)
  • Information on how to report these offences (now on web site)
  • Regular cutting of trees and verges
  • Footpaths need regular clearance and benches would be nice
  • More trees
  • Cull rabbits
  • Clear the land at the A47/Dereham Rd/Berrys Lane junction
  • More countryside access

We are well served with footpaths and access to the countryside. We must make sure they are kept clear and in good condition.


  • Relocate Industrial Estate
  • Tighter control of Business Development – keep it small
  • Dissuade covering large areas with hard surfaces
  • Affordable housing
  • Allotments

The Parish Council will always endeavour to keep Honingham a pleasant place, but we must recognise that it is and always has been a “Working Village”.

Amenities & activities

  • Better Broadband service and access to Honingham web site
  • Shop/Post Office – Community, Farm or mobile shop?
  • Badminton at Village Hall
  • Outside exercise area – football, tennis etc on land at Village Hall
  • More for youngsters to do
  • Slide at play area (in hand)
  • General bin for garden waste
  • More gatherings to improve community spirit
  • Enter Britain in Bloom competition
  • Need better casual access to Bowling Green
  • Resurrect Street Fete
  • More support needed for Pub – could meetings be held there?
  • Information pack re amenities/activities for new residents

Some of these issues will be passed on to the Village Hall Committee for consideration. The coming Diamond Jubilee event is an ideal opportunity to improve our community spirit. But organisers of activities can only do so much – it is up to us all to actively support them.



  1. 7.     Are you aware of the following services/facilities provided to the village?


  1. 8.     How often do you use them?


Aware             Use often*      Use occasionally*

Library van




Recycling centre




Village Hall concessions












Bowling green




Children’s playground

















*The remainder of the 67 indicated that they never use the facility mentioned.


These and other facilities always need extra support and will be regularly advertised in the Parish Pump and our web site



Questions 9.  10. 11. 12 


Most respondents rated the Parish Council as good or excellent in fighting Honingham’s corner


38 (56%) of them were aware of the village web site, whereas all but one were aware of the village article in the Parish Pump newsletter.


11 thought they might have something to contribute to the web site, either historical or trade items.


Our Village web site is being improved, and more village participation in this will be encouraged.



Questions 13 to 17

 All but 3 respondents felt safe and secure in and around Honingham. The exceptions were one resident who had been conscious of break-ins in recent years with a poor response from the Police, one who felt scared to venture out after dark (no street lights) and one who disliked using the dangerous Berrys Lane/A47 junction.


22 of the respondents were unaware of the existence of our PCSO.


45 did not know how to contact him!


Less than half were aware of the SNAP meetings


Obviously this subject must be given lots more publicity. Meantime we are pleased that Honingham is seen to be such a safe place and must continue to make it so.




Questions 18 – 20 

16% of respondents use public transport often. 33% use it occasionally,

but 51% never use it.

Reasons given for not doing so were

  • Use car or bicycle
  • P&R is better
  • Too unreliable, and drivers unhelpful
  • Route/timetable/cost
  • Poor disabled access

Suggested improvements were

  • Later services on some evenings (Theatres etc)
  • More buses through the village
  • Flexibus service to include the village
  • The stop at the Colton Rd crossroads is not user friendly and the walk to it is dangerous and not suitable for the elderly
  • Feeder and Dialabus buses
  • Link to Park & Ride
  • Route buses through Costessey and Longwater
  • Publish and deliver timetables to all homes
  • Car/Lift scheme would be useful

These points will be passed on to the Bus Companies. Flexibus/Dialabus services are under investigation. However, it is felt that we are fortunate to have a bus service at all, and residents are urged to make good use of what we have. There is already a car-share scheme in existence –


Questions 21 & 22 

Most respondents felt that feedback should be through the Newsletter and the web site. 15 would like to attend a public meeting, and 3 suggested posters. One suggested “word of mouth”


We will publish this report in the Parish Pump, and on the web site, in good time for the subject to be discussed at the Parish AGM.