Parish Council

Notice of Meeting of Honingham Parish Council 8th May 2017

A meeting of Honingham Parish Council will take place on Monday 8th May at Honingham Village Hall 7pm.

Business to be transacted:

1. Apologies for absence

2. Election of Chairman, Vice Chair, Village Hall rep.

3. Minutes of previous meeting

4.Matters arising from the Minutes

5. Finance, to include Insurance

6. Planning

7. Highways and Footpaths, to include hedges

8. Leisure and Environmental matters

9. Correspondence


11. Next meeting dates

Minutes Honingham Parish Council 10.04.17

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on Monday 10th. April 2017, at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr R Human, Mrs L Human, Mr S Sapey and Mrs N Cargill. 22 residents of the village also attended the meeting.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mr S Steggles and Mrs S Blyth.

THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.

MATTERS ARISING.  (a) A letter had been received from Mr Rampton about the hedge on the Mattishall Road, in which he stated that he was not in favour of removing any part of it.  He also stated that he would not like to see the triangle of land at the west end of the village planted with trees. The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Ian Alston to ask whether the hedge could be cut very low at the relevant point.

(b) Mr Bishop and Mr and Mrs Human had attended a meeting at County Hall about the Northern Distributor Route.  There had been discussion about the proposed link between the A1067 and the A47.  They had learned that plans were a long way behind the plans for the A47. Further meetings were planned.

FINANCE The following cheques were agreed and signed:

To Mr T Sapey, £69.24, for various expenses connected with the Bowls Club

To Ben Burgess, £145, for hire of a machine

To Eon, £161, for electricity bill

To Mr J Skipper, £11.09 for tabards, and £69.25 for Bowls Club materials

To Building Plans Ltd, £97.80 for plans of the hedges.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS Mrs L Human summarised the points that had been raised by Parish Councillors about the proposed A47 dualling.  None was in favour of options 2 or 4.  Some general discussion then took place, with all being encouraged to voice their opinions.  Several people said that the information provided was too sketchy for an informed opinion to be formed.  Points were raised in favour of all four proposed routes.  The Chairman thanked everyone for contributing to the discussion.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS.  The meeting heard that work on the Bowls Club was progressing, thanks to sterling work by the Sapeys and Mr Mattless and other volunteers.  Open evenings were planned.

CORRESPONDENCE. (a) A letter was read from Mr Brian Webb, in which he wrote about his work with the 466th. Attlebridge Bomb Group, and he reminded the village of his interest in village history, and the various ways in which he had contributed to its study.

(b) a letter was read from Mr and Mrs S Brooke, of Olde Pyghtle, about the problem with the phone lines in Colton Road.  They stated that it was clearly established that the fault was not with them, and that BT have at no time attributed the problem to them.  The Parish Council apologised to Mr and Mrs Brooke for the implication that the difficulty lay with them.

(c) A letter was read from Mr Grant to Mr Perrett, thanking him for the donation which had enabled new curtains to be provided for the Village Hall.


Mr Sapey was concerned about cars coming down the Village Hall drive when there could be children playing. Mr Grant may have suitable warning signs.

Mrs Human said that the Village Hall toilets project was still ongoing.

There was an enquiry about village firework events in November:  it was reported that insurance problems had caused these to cease.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

Village Hall Committee Annual Meeting 2nd May 2017

Honingham Village Hall Committee will be holding their Annual Meeting on 2nd May in the Village Hall, this Meeting will follow on from the Parish Annual Meeting, at approx 8pm. All welcome.

Both meetings will take place in the back room of the Village Hall, accessed via back door; the main hall being already booked for a function.

Annual Parish Meeting 2nd May 2017

Honingham Parish Council will be holding their Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 in the Village Hall at 7pm. All welcome.

The Village Hall Committee will be holding their Annual Meeting following on from the Parish Council Annual Meeting, both meetings will take place in the back room, accessed via back door, as main hall already booked for a function at 8pm.

This is the response from Honingham Parish Council to the A47 dualling

The following is the Honingham Parish Council response to Improving the A47 North Tuddenham to Easton dualling

The village of Honingham is a small rural village which has a northern border to the present A47, we as parish councillors and parishioners are well aware of the problems caused by the single carriageways of the A47 at peak traffic times – we are often used as a rat run – and also at times of accidents on the A47 causing traffic to be redirected via our village (the previous A47 ran through the village prior to the by-pass). Also, part of our village is Wood Lane, which HGV’s are now forced to use since the Hockering deal that closed the route through Hockering for HGV traffic. We have mentioned on many many occasions to both Highways and BDC the problems of Wood Lane and the dangerous access to the A47 direction Kings Lyn at peak traffic times.

Do we think that improvements to the present A47 are needed? Yes, at peak traffic times, in order to keep traffic flowing; since the roundabout was introduced (Mattishall Road/A47) the air quality must be badly affected with the number of vehicles backed up from the roundabout waiting to proceed towards Norwich. However, this could be alleviated by other means – for example a separate lane to the roundabout so that traffic on the A47 continues to move. We would also suggest (yet again) that there should be no right turn onto the A47 at the junction with Wood Lane, all traffic could then move towards the roundabout and back to the Kings Lyn direction. Although there appears to be a lack of joined up thinking with regard to the improvements to the A47 and the proposed (nearly finished) NDR the Wood Lane/A47 junction will have even more difficulties and needs to be urgently looked at to account for and improve the considerable traffic flow that will occur.

The following are our views on the 4 proposed options put forward for the proposed dualling of the A47 from Tuddenham to Easton:

Option 1. It is straight and direct, it does not go through as much woodland as other options, and it still gives access to the Church of St Andrew. It leaves the village of Honingham mostly intact. Issues with Wood Lane, this will possibly affect both housing and the farm at Wood Lane? However plans are insufficient in detail to show where in Wood Lane would be affected. This would also affect other outlying parts of Honingham.

Option 2. We don’t know what side of the A47 it would encroach upon (again insufficient detail to give a proper opinion) would it create another rat run through Honingham village? It would cause too much upheaval during construction and we have no idea if it would take land/gardens from Honingham. It would cut off access to our church for pedestrians and a bridge with steps would not solve the issue for the elderly majority of residents.

Option3 The majority of parish councillors voted for this option because it takes the route furthest from the village and would not require homes to be demolished or gardens removed. However, as with option 1 there is no guarantee that Wood Lane would not be spared, nor other outlying parts of the village. Perhaps least damaging to woodland and the environment. However, a parishioner at a recent PC meeting pointed out that such a route could cause other development along the route and thus damage the beautiful Tud/Wensum valley for ever.

Option 4 All parish councillors, and the parishioners that attended our recent council meeting,  feel that this option does the most harm to the village of Honingham; adversely affecting both homes and businesses. With the road running higher than the village we feel, despite platitudes to the opposite, that noise levels would be huge and drainage/ run off would likely cause further flooding in the village, it would also take valuable land from the village. We are poorly served for public transport in the village, a bus runs into Norwich/Mattishall once an hour up to 5pm Mon to Fri, less at weekends; (Konect Bus service 4) this route would wipe out our only bus service. Our elderly population, and those unable to drive through illness, use this bus service to get to the nearest doctors surgery at Mattishall – if this route was taken then how would our villagers get to the doctors surgery?

Further comments:

The PC was disappointed with lack of clarity of these proposals, even at the exhibition no one could say where the actual proposed routes would go, how can you make such a very important decision when there is insufficient information? Proposals 1 and 3 spare the majority of the village, although not Wood Land nor the outlying northern parts of the village. Option 4 would truncate the village and destroy homes gardens and businesses. All four options could raise the water table of the River Tud and cause flooding in the heart of the village. Honingham population is becoming increasingly elderly and therefore needs a good public transport service; our doctors surgery is at Mattishall and to get there without a car requires walking up Colton Road to the bus stop on the Mattishall Road. If proposal 4 is adopted villagers without their own transport would not be able to get to the doctors. If options 1 or 3 are chosen would we be able to get the X1 bus to stop in the village?


Honingham Village Hall Management Committee – meeting 03 04 17

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee

Minutes of the meeting held at 4 p.m Monday 3rd April 2017

Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human.

Mrs Julie Turner.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting.

Read by all before the meeting and signed as a true record.

  1. Matters arising.

Ray has informed hirers of the increases in the hourly charge.

Further quotations for the toilet improvements have all been over £35,000. Ray had emailed the plans to Paul Hemnell, the licensing officer at BDC, to ask if this was excessive. He had replied that the quotations were not excessive. Sally, Linda and Ray will meet at Sally’s on Thurs 20th April to research further possible grants.


  1. Treasurer’s report- running account

No treasurer’s report but Ray presented the annual accounts. Copies given to committee.

£1, 5006.83 made, mostly due to not paying a cleaner. Thanks given to Susan and Ray. Mr Gwilliams held his last charity dance in March ’17. We will miss the income from his bookings (£900).


  1. Treasurer’s report – fundraising account.

3 year’s interest from The Yorkshire Building Society has now been added. Barclays and YBS combined totals £6,037.55


  1. Monthly charity dance.

Mr Gwilliams has now finished his monthly charity dances. Ray to put an article in The Pump.

  1. Hall bookings.

There are no new bookings.


There is a Bowls Event on 25th June. We will perhaps hold an event to coincide – another History Day?

Ray and Susan will hold their Peony Weekend again, probably 10/11th June.

Sally to ask George Middleton about Shinanikins’s availability in September.

Ray to find out about an Elvis impersonator.

Linda to find out about line dancing.

  1. Any other business.

The committee ratified The Equal Opportunities policy.

Ray showed us a letter about “Houses of Parliament” week in November ’17. To be given to Earthsea House and discussed at the next coffee morning.

The business rate/ council tax has decreased.

Sally requested to borrow some glasses, a teapot and the urn for a 90th birthday party on April 29th. Agreed.

  1. Date of next meeting.

Monday 15th May at 4.00 p.m.      (Also Tues May 2nd, annual meeting following P.C annual meeting).

A47 Tuddenham to Easton Dualling

Don’t forget that all responses have to be in by mid day on Friday 21st April.

If you are having any problems with the method of response, or have any questions, please contact one of your Honingham Parish Councillors (David Bishop, Linda Human,Sally Blyth,  Natasha Cargill, Roger Human, Terry Sapey, Sam Steggles) and we will do our best to help you.