Meeting Minutes

Parish Council Meeting 12th Sept 2016 – Minutes

MINUTES of the meeting of HONINGHAM PARISH COUNCIL held on Monday 12th September at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Present were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr R Human, Mrs L Human, Mrs S Blyth and Mrs N Cargill.

Nine residents of the village also attended the meeting.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mr S Steggles and Mr T Sapey


THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.


MATTERS ARISING from the Minutes. (a) a cheque for £645 has been received from East Tuddenham Parish Council, representing their share of the cost of refurbishing the War Memorial.

(b) work is proceeding on repairs found necessary following the inspection of the children’s playground by RoSPA. This work should be completed soon.


FINANCE. A cheque was signed to Mr E Perrett, for mower service, for £150.75.

Payment was made for equipment for the Bowls Club area:

Marker Cones   £37.47

Wheelbarrow    £59.94

Croquet set      £49.95

Crazy Golf set  £220.74

Payment for these was made to Mr D Bishop, a total of £368.10


PLANNING. A letter had been received from Broadland District Council, stating that the application for a change of use for the house at Merryhill had been approved.


HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS. The Clerk was asked to write to Broadland District Council about the state of the footpath that leads out of the village to the east, to the roundabout.


LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS. Mr C Mattless reported that the Open Day at the Bowls Club area had been a great success, with good attendance and much positive feedback. A total of £198.50 had been raised from donations, and this was handed to the Parish Council at the meeting. The next event would possibly be a barbeque afternoon and evening. Decisions need to be made about the financing of future activities. It was reported that the History Day had also been a great success, with much interest shown by many people. Thanks were expressed to all the people who had worked hard to stage these two events.


VILLAGE HALL TOILETS. The Chairman raised this matter, saying that it seems that the present toilets in the Village Hall do not comply with the law. For the Hall’s capacity of 200 people, there should be four ladies’ toilets, a separate toilet for the disabled, and baby changing facilities. Mr J Norfolk of Building Plans, will draw up plans for a small extension to take new toilets. Mr E Perrett has offered up to £5000 from the old Bowls Club funds. A sub-committee will be formed with members of the Parish Council and the Village Hall Management Committee, to be chaired by Mrs L Human. Sources of finance, such as charities and various Grants will be investigated.


CORRESPONDENCE. A copy of Parish Pages was circulated.

A letter had been received from the Council for the Protection of Rural England, about new housing targets. This would be circulated for Parish Councillors to read.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS. The Clerk was asked to pursue the matter of the dog waste bin on Berrys Lane.

The Clerk was asked to write about the bin on the playground, which is not being emptied.

Mrs L Human has received an approach from a jazz group, seeking venues to play. The proposed financial arrangements need to be looked into and Mr R Human is pursuing this.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

Honingham Parish Council Minutes of meeting 18.08.16

MINUTES of the meeting of HONINGHAM PARISH COUNCIL held on Thursday 18th. August 2016, at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mrs L Human, Mr T Sapey, Mr S Steggles and Mrs S Blyth.  14 residents of the village also attended the meeting.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mrs N Cargill and Mr R Human.


THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved, and signed.


MATTERS ARISING from the Minutes.  (a) The War Memorial.  The Chairman reported that, following discussions with East Tuddenham Parish Council, it had been agreed that each Council should pay £645 towards the cost of refurbishment.  The Parish Council agreed to this.

(b) The fence round the Children’s play equipment had been treated with preservative paint.  Grateful thanks were expressed to Mr and Mrs Sapey, Mr Skipper and Mr Bishop for doing this work.


FINANCE.  Four cheques were agreed  and signed:

To Anglian Water, relating to the Bowls Club – £26.19

To Mr T Sapey, for petrol for mowing and paint for the playground railings – £60

To Playsafety td., for the RoSPA inspection of the playground – £92.40

To H Blyth and sons, for repairs to the swings – £95.


Some discussion followed about the RoSPA inspection, as rotten wood had been detected in the swings by several people in the village, which is why Mr Blyth had made and fitted the steel repair bar.  It was felt that this should have been picked up by the inspectors.  The Clerk was asked to write to Playsafety, asking for their comments on this.


PLANNING.  Mrs Human summarised the situation with regard to the Merryhill planning application. Broadland District Council had emphasised that the application should be looked at on its own, even though there were concerns about other aspects of developments on the site.  It was decided that the Parish Council would still object to the proposal, on the grounds that they had not enough information.


HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS.  Thanks were expressed to Mr Chris Knibb for his work in clearing the footpath over the fen.


LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS.  Mr Craig Mattless outlined a proposal for the use of the Bowls Club area.  This would consist of facilities for informal bowls, plus croquet and putting. A sub-committee had been formed, and had met once.  Some costings had been done: electrical work up to £500: some equipment to be donated: heavy-duty croquet sets were being priced.  Mrs S Blyth asked for details of how this grant application was put together, and Mr Bishop emphasised the speed that had been necessary, and the need to submit a plan.  He asked if the Parish Council were happy for this plan to go forward, and the Council agreed.  Thanks were expressed to Mr Mattless for his work.


RoSPA REPORT ON THE PLAYGROUND.  Mr Bishop will take the report and see what is to be done.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS. (a) Mrs Blyth mentioned the forthcoming History Day, and said that gifts of cakes would be welcome.

(b) Mrs Human mentioned a communication she had received from Switzerland, enquiring about a visit to Honingham Hall in 1928.   No one was able to shed any light on this matter.

(c) The Clerk was asked to write to everyone who had donated towards the cost of the defibrillator, thanking them.


NEXT MEETINGS.   The Council was now meeting on the 2nd.Monday of each month, making the next meeting 12th.September 2016.

Minutes of Parish Council held 26th July 2016

Please see below Minutes, and note that the date of the next meeting is now 18th August not 23rd.

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on 26th. July 2016, at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr and Mrs R Human, Mrs N Cargill and Mr T Sapey.  Twelve residents of the village also attended the meeting.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mrs S Blyth and Mr S Steggles.


THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.


MATTERS ARISING.  The plaque commemorating the Queen’s 90th. birthday had arrived, and was displayed at the meeting.


FINANCE.  The following cheques were agreed and signed:

To Mr T Sapey, for petrol for grasscutting – £12

To Mrs S Blyth, for photocopying for village survey – £10.59

To K and AJ Slack,for internal audit – £50

To D Church, for defibrillator training – £500

To Honingham Village Hall, for hire of premises for above – £21.15

To Felthorpe Lawnmower services, for new mower – £1235


PLANNING.   (a) Documents had been received about the Growth Triangle Area Action Plan, and these were circulated at the meeting.

(b) The Chairman had attended a meeting about the proposed Food Hub. He reported that the same arguments and responses had been heard as last time. Mr Alston had not attended the meeting, but had written a letter.

(c)  Merryhill: Mrs Human outlined the position on the proposed change of use of one of the houses on the site.  It seems there may be issues concerning the residents on the site, with some being possibly threatened with eviction.  Weston Longville Parish Council have been concerned about the expansion of the site, and the poor access (passing places on the road which should have been put in have not appeared).  Some general discussion followed, in which the residents present were invited to join. The Parish Council felt that they did not have sufficient information, and the Clerk was asked to object to the current proposal on these grounds.


HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS.   The advertising hoarding that stood at the western end of the villafge has disappeared.


BOWLS CLUB.  A survey had been conducted in the villager about the possible future uses of this  site.  Thanks were expressed to Mrs Blyth and her helpers who distributed, collected and analysed the results., 164 had been sent out, and 42 returned, mostly from the older age groups. The survey form had preferences to choose, and responders could choose more than one option. The options selected were:

Sensory garden 25, Wild meadow 22, Trim Trail 19, Crazy / Children’s golf 17, Putting Green 13, Outdoor badminton 13, Bowls 13, Picnic area 10.  I

It was felt that no decisions could be made on the basis of such inconclusive results.  Mr Mattless said that several people were in favour of bowls, played in a more informal way, and it was decided to set up a sub-committee to explore this option.

WAR  MEMORIAL:  The Chairman had liaised with the Chairman of East Tuddenham PC.  A quotation of £640 had been obtained for treating the timber, and re-gilding the lettering.

DEFIBRILLATOR.   A good three-and-a-half hour training session had taken place, with 11 people attending. The defibrillator will go up in the pub car park.  |It was agreed that the names of those who had been trained should be pubished.

CORRESPONDENCE: catalogues for fitness and children’s play activities had been received.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  (a) the fence round the children’s play area was in need of treatment.  Mr  Sapey and helpers will see to this.

(b) Mr Bart asked if signs could go up in The Street asking drivers not to sound their horns to move the white doves off the road.  The Clerk asked to investigate this possibility.

(c)  Mr Joyce asked about rumours that Mr Alston was planning to build on one of the fields between Fellowes Road and Mill Lane.  Nothing official had been heard about thus, but it was pointed out that this would be outside the “stop lines” for planning in the village.

THE NEXT MEETING        was arranged for 18th August 2016.

Honingham Parish Council Minutes from meeting 21st June 2016

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on 21st. June 2016, in the Village Hall.


PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr and Mrs R Human, Mr T Sapey, Mrs N Cargill, Mr S Steggles and Mrs S Blyth.


There were no APOLOGIES for absence.


THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.


MATTERS ARISING: The Chairman reported that the plaque marking the Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th. Birthday would now cost £78 plus VAT.  He has ordered it, and will be ready in about 4 weeks.  .

The grass area on Fellowes Road has now been cut.


FINANCE: A payment of £11.55 for petrol for mowing was agreed, and a cheque signed in favour of Mr E Perrett.

The Parish Council accounts for 2015-6 had received their Internal Audit, and this was circulated, approved and signed by the Chairman.


PLANNING.  Notice was given of a meeting about the proposed Food Hub, to be held at Eason Village Hall on June 27th.


HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS.  A dispute had arisen about the position of the illegal advertising hoarding that stands at the west end of the village.  Breckland District Council says it is in Broadland, and Broadland District Council are not proposing to do anything about it.  It is, apparently, on land belonging to Highways, and they have it in their power to remove it.. The Clerk was asked to draft a letter to the Planning Officer at Brxoadland District Council, with a copy to the EDP.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS.:  with regard to the future of the Bowls Club area, Mrs S Blyth spoke about her proposal for a Sensory Garden.  She showed a map that illustrated her ideas.  These included items that involved all the senses.  She proposed a spiral rockery, a paving-stone chessboard, and grassy mounds for play.  There would be paved ports for wheelchair access, a pergola with climbing plants, coloured plants to look at, raised beds with plants to touch, wind chimes to hear, and possibly a water feature. A wild meadow with grassy paths and fruit trees were further ideas.

Mrs Blyth had done rough costings. She hoped the area would be low-maintenance, and felt that individuals or families in the village might adopt and maintain parts of the area. The total price looked as if it might be something over £2000.  Some discussion of these ideas ensued, with appreciation being expressed for all the work Mrs Blyth had put into her proposal.


Mrs Blyth also read to the meeting the wording of the survey that was to be conducted of the residents of the village about the future of the Bowls Club.   Mrs Human reminded the meeting of the other proposals that had been put forward.  A letter was read from Mrs A Haggith, , in which she  queried the decision-making processes the Parish Council were using in the matter of the Bowls Club.  The Parish Council felt that the survey would answer her points, and the Clerk was asked to draft a reply to her letter.

Mr E Perrett reported that he had found a suitable mower for the Council to purchase for cutting the playing field grass.  It would cost £1300.


SHRINE AREA.  A letter had been received from Mr B Webb, who had researched the possibility of erecting a stone War Memorial.   A cost of £7000 was mentioned.  The Chairman and Mr T Sapey would meet with the Chairman of East Tuddenham Parish Council to discuss this. Thanks were expressed to Mr Webb for his work.


DEFIBRILLATOR.  The Chairman had arranged a Training Evening for 12th.July.  About 16 people could attend.


FUTURE MEETINGS:  Two dates were arranged – 26th. July 2016 and 18th.August 2016..

Minutes of the Parish Council 24th May 2016

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 24th. May 20126, at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mrs L Human, Mr R Human, Mrs N Cargill, Mr T Sapey and Mr S Steggles.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mrs S Blyth.

THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed .
MATTERS ARISING: The Chairman had ascertained that a commemorative plaque to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday could be obtained for about £50. Some discussion ensued about where it should be placed, and the decision was reached that the Pump was the best place.
The Chairman emphasised that the Council had three projects for the coming year: this plaque, the defibrillator, and the bowling green.

FINANCE. The following payments were agreed, and cheques signed:
To RG Maintenance services Ltd .for grasscutting – £168
To Mr E Perrett for petrol – £6.50
To Direct 365 Online Ltd .(for defibrillator) – £1140
To Safety-Tec (fordefibrillator cabinet) – £485.85
To Mr D Bishop (for shingle and slate for the Shrine area) – £500
A further donation of £100 was received for the defibrillator from Fieldings Cottage.

PLANNING. The Chairman had attended a meeting about the proposed Food Hub. He reported that most questions from the meeting had been answered with the statement that nothing had been decided yet. He felt that many people at the meeting were angry at the proposals.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS. In the matter of the advertising hoarding, it was reported that the case was due in court in June.
The hedges on the Mattishall Road should be cut soon, but not while birds are nesting. The Clerk was asked to contact the authorities about the verges, particularly round the crossroads at the top of Colton Road, which need trimming and are dangerously obstructing drivers’ visibility.

DEFIBRILLATOR. The Chairman outlined the cost (see Finance above), and said that business and individual donations from the village had raised more than £1500. The payment from Council funds would therefore be only a few hundred pounds. (The Council is able to reclaim all VAT).
SHRINE AREA: The stone for the surfacing would cost below £500.

BOWLING GREEN. Mr R Human spoke on proposals for the use of this area as a village amenity. The current thinking is to divide the area into three: a putting green, an adult fitness facility, and an area for outdoor activities such as croquet or table tennis. He had prepared detailed costings for each of these sections. Grass maintenance should not be an expense, as Mr Sapey and his family were volunteering to take over the grass-cutting, and village was immensely grateful to them for this. His estimate of the total cost (not including trim trail equipmet) is under £3000. In addition, a larger mower will have to be purchased. Mr E Perrett will investigate such a purchase. Mr Steggles wondered how many of the village residents would use the facilities, and suggested a survey of some kind. Mr A Webb warned that maintaining a putting green would involve more effort and expense than the Council envisaged. It was agreed that the purchase of the mower would be the first step.

BUS STOP FOOTPATH. This was overgrown . Mr T Smith offered to treat it.

CORRESPONDENCE: Information on the Site Allocation Development Plan had been received, and would be passed round.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: the Clerk was asked to telephone about the cutting of the grass on Fellowes Road.

NEXT MEETINGS: two further Parish Council meetings were arranged, on Tuesday 21st. June, and on Tuesday 26th. July

Parish Council Meeting 26th April 2016

MINUTES of the Parish Council meeting held on 26thApril 2016, at 7 pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT were all members of the Parish Council, under the Chairmanship of Mr David Bishop, and 18 residents of the village.




THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.


MATTERS ARISING from the Minutes:

  1. Merryhill Planning Application – the previous decision not to object to this had been taken on insufficient evidence. The colleagues at Weston Longville have supplied more information, and an objection from this Council has now been lodged.
  2. The vehicle which has been standing in Mill Lane has now been removed.
  3. Advertising hoarding on the A47 – Breckland Council Planning Enforcement Team have said that a summons has been issued to take the sign company to court, and a date has been set in May.
  4. Shrine Area: a sub-committee has been set up to look at work to be done, costings etc.
  5. No information had been received about the cost of the water supply to the former Bowls Club.

CO-OPTION OF NEW PARISH COUNCILLORS.   Three villagers were co-opted on to the Parish Council. They are:

Mrs Sally Blyth: Mrs Natasha Cargill: Mr Sam Steggles.

Mr Nick Boreham and Mr Trevor Smith were present at the meeting, and the Chairman thanked them for all their hard work on the Council.


FINANCE Three payments were agreed and cheques signed:

Insurance premium, to Aon Insurance – £795.32

Grass cutting, to RGM Maintenance – £84

Photocopying, to Mrs L Human – £10


PLANNING: Application 20160670 (Holiday Accommodation at Fielding’s Goat Farm) was considered. Mr Sam Steggles was asked to take no part in the discussion. The application relates to accommodation for people taking Cheese-Making Courses.  The council discussed access and roads in this area, but no problems were raised, and there were no objections.


HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS: no matters were to hand under this heading.



  1. A letter was read out from Mr Joseph Scholes about a plaque to commemorate Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th. Birthday. The idea met with approval, and various sites in the village were suggested. The chairman agreed to investigate the costs.
  2. There followed proposals for the use of the former Bows Club building and green.
  • L Human and Mr T Smith had investigated the possibility of moving the football pitch to half of the present Bowling Green, leaving the other half free for (say) a trim trail our outdoor table tennis.  The vacated football pitch would be used for play equipment for older children.  This would require the demolition of the existing buildings (which could be done in-house) and putting picnic benches and waste bins on the old club house site.  There were health and safety issues to be thought through.  Depending on what equipment was needed, this could cost between £20K and £30K.  This would be achievable by grants and fundraising.
  • Mr R Human had looked at the possibility of using the Bowls Green as a Putting Green or Pitch and Put area. This would require a group of people to run it, and the grass would need to be kept as short as when it was a bowling green.  Boring equipment for the holes would be needed.  A team of volunteers would be needed to sort out where clubs and balls could be kept.
  • A further idea of a nature trail had been submitted in the form of a paper, which the Chairman had a copy of.
  • A letter was read with the idea of a dog-walking area (for which dog waste bins would be required), and using the far end of the site as an affordable housing area, consisting of two semi-detached properties, for young people in the village. This idea was not taken forward, as Lady Ailwyn had given the land for the purposes of recreation.

It was decided that the Council would form a sub-committee to consider these proposals, including definitive costings.


DEFIBRILLATOR.  Heartbeat funding becomes available in May, and the Chairman suggested that we apply for this.  However, a letter sent out just over a week ago to a to residents and businesses in the village had raised so far £1000: 9 people had donated a total of £150, Buildings for Building had given £100, the Bowls Club had sent £500, Fielding’s Goat Farm had given £50, and the Lucy Charity £200.  It was decided to let the appeal run till the second week in May, and that if the required £2500 had been raised there would be no need to ask Heartbeat for funding.  The preferred option is the St John Ambulance Defibrillator and Training package.

THE AILWYN CUP. Councillors held a secret ballot, and a name was chosen.  This will be announced at the Annual Parish Meeting.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS. The project to produce a village map showing ownership of local land was taken forward by the presentation of a 1907 village map by Mr J Skipper  This shows the present field boundaries.

Mr J Bart raised the issue of the hedges near the crossroads at the top of Colton Road. Mr Human said he had obtained contact details for Mr Rampton, and would be seeking permission to get these cut back.  Mr Bart volunteered to do this work if necessary.


FUTURE MEETINGS: Annual Parish Meeting Tuesday 3rd.May 2016 at 7.00 pm.

Next Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 24th.May at 7.00pm

Draft Minutes of Honingham Parish Council Meeting held Weds 9th March 2016

DRAFT  MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on Wednesday 9th.March 2016, at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr N Boreham, Mr R Human, Mrs L Human, Mr T Smith and Mr T Sapey.  20 residents of the village also attended the meeting. There were no apologies for absence.


THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.


MATTERS ARISING from the minutes.  The Highway rangers had stated that the coping bricks on the bridge wall were not high on their priority list.  No action had yet resulted from letters about the dog waste bins.


RESIGNATION from the Parish Council. Mrs .J Carter had tendered her resignation, resulting in a Casual Vacancy.  This would be advertised by poster and on the website.


FINANCE.  A payment was agreed of £122.48 to Mr Paul Blyth, for expenses involved in refurbishing the phone box, and a cheque was signed for this amount.


PLANNING.  Two sets of plans were inspected at the meeting: one for changes to caravan sitings at Merryhill, and one for a new agricultural building at Honingham Thorpe Farm.   No objections were raised to either proposal. A letter had been received about a consultation on the Growth Triangle Area plans, and this would be circulated among the councillors.

At this point in the meeting Mr S Harvey raised the matter of the Parish Council’s response to his planning application for an extension and a redesigned wall and entrance,  He said that the Parish Council had acted without due regard  for accuracy of facts and impartiality.  Accusing the Council of untrue statements and implications, he stated that he expected a public apology, or he would commence legal proceedings.

The Parish Council held a short meeting at the close of the main meeting, to discuss the letter that had been sent to the Planning Department regarding the Application of Mr S Harvey. It was agreed that the Parish Clerk had failed to include in the submission the wording that the Parish Council had requested on the 25th Feb, and that therefore the Council would offer Mr S Harvey their sincere apologies.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS.  Mr Human has been in correspondence with First Buses about the possibility of the X1 bus coming through the village.  The response was that numbers of potential passengers were too low to justify this.  Since the previous meeting,  the bus stop on the Mattishall Road used by the No 4 bus to Dereham had been demolished by a skidding car, and the meeting felt that both the bus stops on this road were in exposed and dangerous positions, with serious risks to schoolchildren etc..  The Clerk was asked to raise this matter with the County Council.

A large advertising hoarding which has appeared at the western end of the village was the subject of County Council legal proceedings against the company that has erected it, and it was hoped it would soon be removed.

Mr Human raised the matter of a vehicle parked in Mill Lane, and pointed out that legally this vehicle needed to be covered by the usual documentation.  The owner of the vehicle, who was at the meeting, undertook to move it by the end of this month.


LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS. A proposal had been received from Mr Alan Waller about the future of the Bowls Club. This was to turn it into a caravan and camping park, with various facilities.

It was decided that a subcommittee would be formed to look at all the options received so far (Caravan Park, Recreational Space, Nature Reserve, Putting Green) to consider costings etc. These to be presented at a future meeting.

The Clerk had received information about disconnecting the water supply to the Bowls Club Before making a decision, he was asked to discover how much reconnection would cost.


POLICE MATTERS. The Police had investigated the occupants of the field on the Mattishall Road corner at the east end of the village. It appeared that they had permission to be there, and that no offences were being committed.  They were monitoring the situation.

Mr S Steggles mentioned that there had been attempted break-ins at his property.


DEFIBRILLATOR.  The Chairman and others had been researching prices and deals: the discussion at this meeting centred on the proposed siting of the defibrillator.  It was pointed out that thre electricity supply to the phone box had been disconnected, making it an unsuitable site. It was suggested that the outside wall of The Buck would be the best option.  The Clerk reported on conversations he had had with other Councils who had defibrillators.


CORRESPONDENCE.  Information had been received about a Food Hub meeting in Easton Village hall.

A letter had been received from Mr B Webb and Mr Richie about the A47 / Wood Lane junction.

Mr and Mrs P Blyth were announcing the Grand Opening of the refurbished phone box by a mystery person on May 1st.


THE AILWYN CUP.  Parish Councillors and residents were invited to submit names of possible recipients.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS Mrs Human enquired whether any plans were being made for the Queen’s  90th. Birthday.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

Next Meeting Tuesday 19th April. (Please note, due to other activities taking place in the Main Hall on a Wednesday, it has been decided to change the Parish Council Meetings to the 3rd Tues of each month)