New Parish Council Website

Honingham Parish Council have a new website which is now available. Please note that this website will no longer be updated. To view the website please visit;

Finances for Year Ending 31 March 2018

Notice of Exercise of Public Rights Honingham Parish Council 2017-18 Posted 17.6.2018

Certificate of Exemption

Annual Governance Statement 2017-18

Accounting Statements 2017-18

Annual Internal Audit Report 2017-18

Honingham Internal Auditor Report 2018

HPC Accounts Summary 2017-18

Bank Reconciliation 2017-18


List of All Expenditure 2017-18

Finance Documents

Budget 2018-19

Financial Documents 2016-17

HPC Annual Return 2016-17

HPC Bank Reconciliaton 2016-17

HPC Explanation of Variances 2016-17

HPC External Auditor Report 2016-17

HPC Internal Auditor Report 2016-17

HPC List of Expenditure 2016-17