Annual Parish Meeting

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Annual Parish Meeting – Wednesday 9th May

The Honingham Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday 9th May at 7pm in Honingham Village Hall.

The annual meeting of the village hall committee will take place immediately after the Annual Parish Meeting at 8pm in the village hall.

All members of the parish are welcome to attend both meetings.

PC Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 9.5.18

Annual Parish Meeting 2nd May 2017

Honingham Parish Council will be holding their Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 in the Village Hall at 7pm. All welcome.

The Village Hall Committee will be holding their Annual Meeting following on from the Parish Council Annual Meeting, both meetings will take place in the back room, accessed via back door, as main hall already booked for a function at 8pm.

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee – meeting 03 04 17

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee

Minutes of the meeting held at 4 p.m Monday 3rd April 2017

Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human.

Mrs Julie Turner.

  1. Minutes of previous meeting.

Read by all before the meeting and signed as a true record.

  1. Matters arising.

Ray has informed hirers of the increases in the hourly charge.

Further quotations for the toilet improvements have all been over £35,000. Ray had emailed the plans to Paul Hemnell, the licensing officer at BDC, to ask if this was excessive. He had replied that the quotations were not excessive. Sally, Linda and Ray will meet at Sally’s on Thurs 20th April to research further possible grants.


  1. Treasurer’s report- running account

No treasurer’s report but Ray presented the annual accounts. Copies given to committee.

£1, 5006.83 made, mostly due to not paying a cleaner. Thanks given to Susan and Ray. Mr Gwilliams held his last charity dance in March ’17. We will miss the income from his bookings (£900).


  1. Treasurer’s report – fundraising account.

3 year’s interest from The Yorkshire Building Society has now been added. Barclays and YBS combined totals £6,037.55


  1. Monthly charity dance.

Mr Gwilliams has now finished his monthly charity dances. Ray to put an article in The Pump.

  1. Hall bookings.

There are no new bookings.


There is a Bowls Event on 25th June. We will perhaps hold an event to coincide – another History Day?

Ray and Susan will hold their Peony Weekend again, probably 10/11th June.

Sally to ask George Middleton about Shinanikins’s availability in September.

Ray to find out about an Elvis impersonator.

Linda to find out about line dancing.

  1. Any other business.

The committee ratified The Equal Opportunities policy.

Ray showed us a letter about “Houses of Parliament” week in November ’17. To be given to Earthsea House and discussed at the next coffee morning.

The business rate/ council tax has decreased.

Sally requested to borrow some glasses, a teapot and the urn for a 90th birthday party on April 29th. Agreed.

  1. Date of next meeting.

Monday 15th May at 4.00 p.m.      (Also Tues May 2nd, annual meeting following P.C annual meeting).

Annual Parish Meeting 3rd May 2016

MINUTES of the Honingham Annual Parish Meeting, held on Tuesday 3rd.May 2016 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall.


The Chairman of the Parish Council, Mr D  Bishop, welcomed Parish Councillors and residents of the village to the meeting.   Mr R Human had sent his apologies.


THE MINUTES of the previous Annual Parish Meeting were read, approved and signed.


CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS.  Mr Bishop said that he was enjoying being the Chairman, and that the village had a good community spirit.  He felt that the Parish Council was working well and was starting to make changes. He thanked the Councillors for their work.


PARISH COUNCIL REPORT.  The Clerk began by calling attention to the audit summary that had been distributed.  He invited questions on the Council’s finances, and said that the books were available for inspection at the meeting. The balance on the Council’s last bank statement was £6477.04.

Food Hub: during the year, plans for the new Food Hub at Colton and Easton had been proposed, and the Council is aware of the implications for new buildings, traffic movements etc., and is keeping a watching brief at the moment.

Plans are now advanced for the purchase of a defibrillator, and local individuals and businesses have been generous with their contributions.  £1150 has been raised so far.

Buses: the Parish Council continues to have no success in getting buses routed through the village. The company running the X1 say that it would add 5 mins to their timetable. The recent damage to the bus stop has led to the Council asking for that stop to be moved to a safer place.

Bowls Club: various proposals are being evaluated and costed.

The Phone Box is now a great asset to the village.

The Clerk thanked the Chairman and the members of the Parish Council for all their hard work.


MATTERS ARISING FROM THE REPORT. The Chairman reported that one of the preferred options for the Bowls Club was now a pitch and put course.  The Council is trying to prepare a Land Ownership Map of the village, and the architects in the village had kindly reproduced a 1907 map showing field boundaries.


VILLAGE ORGANIZATIONS.  The following activities take place in the village at the moment:  Bell folk, Table Tennis, Coffee Mornings, Craft Evenings, monthly Dances, Fitness Classes, and, West Coast Swing.


THE AILWYN CUP. Two candidates had received an equal number of votes, and would have the Cup for six months each.  The Cup was presented to Mr and Mrs P Blyth, for their work on the Phone Box.  Halfway through the year they would hand it to Mary Davis.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

Annual Parish Meeting


Minutes of the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING held in Honingham Village Hall on 5th. May 2015.


PRESENT were 21 Parish Councillors and residents.  Mr B Winchester was in the chair, and he welcomed all to the meeting.


THE MINUTES of the previous Annual Parish Meeting were read, approved and signed.


CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS.  Mr Winchester said that he was happy to resume the Chair temporarily, following the resignation of the previous Chairman.   He remarked that  Honingham was a nice old-fashioned village to live in, in which people helped each other.  There was good support from the village  for the Parish Council.



  1. The Parish Council accounts had been audited, and the books were available at the meeting for inspection. A summary of the accounts was distributed.
  2. Discussions had been held about bus shelters. The main campaign at the moment was to get the buses running through the village, and thanks were expressed to Mrs. J. Carter for her efforts in organizing petitions to this effect.
  3. The question of a speed limit on the Mattishall Road had been raised. The police were reluctant to enforce any possible limit.
  4. The village Phone Box had been handed over to Mr P Blyth, who had plans for its future.
  5. The question of a Food Hub based at Easton had again been raised, and the Parish Council were following developments.
  6. The Clerk thanked the previous Chairman, Mr S Harvey, for his work in the post, and thanked Mr Winchester for taking the Chair on this occasion.
  7. The Jubilee Oak Tree by the war memorial had been cut back.
  8. The Clerk thanked the members of the Parish Council for their support.

MATTERS ARISING from the report.

Further discussion ensued  on bus shelters, and the problem of untrimmed hedges blocked the view of car drivers.   Further discussion followed on points made by Mr B.  Webb, relating to traffic problems in Wood Lane, and with the junction with the A47.  It was pointed out that the wooden horse in the Children’s Playground needed some maintenance.


The following activities take place within the village:

Various fitness classes

Table Tennis

Coffee Mornings


Craft Activities

Monthly dances


THE AILWYN CUP was awarded to Ray and Susan Grant, for their tireless work for the village.



Mr B Webb reiterated his remarks about the Wood Lane traffic problems.  Mr J Skipper asked if there was support for resurrecting the Website, and heard that there was.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.


For those of you that read this on Face Book, don’t forget it is the normal Parish Council Meeting tomorrow evening (Tues April 26th) at 7.30 in the Village Hall. We have new Councillors to welcome 🙂


MINUTES of the HONINGHAM ANNUAL PARISH MEETING held on 14th. May 2013, at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT from the Parish Council were Mr B Winchester (Chairman), Mrs H Clements, Mr S Harvey, Mr T Sapey, Mr N Boreham and Mr G Cullender.

17 residents of the village also attended the meeting.

THE CHAIRMAN welcomed everyone to the meeting.

THE MINUTES of the previous Annual Parish Meeting were read, approved and signed.

There were no MATTERS ARISING.

CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS,.  Mr Winchester began by mentioning a relatively new development – the meeting of the Chairs of 6 parishes (Weston Longville, Ringland, Lyng, Hockering, East Tuddenham and Honingham) in order to consider ways of acting together on issues such as planning.  He recommended that whoever takes over from him as Chairman should continue to be part of this group.

He thanked Mr M Smith for continuing to spray paths with weedkiller.

He also thanked Molly Townshend for all her past work in maintaining the Shrine area, a job that she is now relinquishing.

Mr Winchester noted that PCSO Pellizzarro is now no longer our local Police Liaison Officer, and he thanked him for all that he had done.

He commended the village website, up and running for some time now, which was very good, and he thanked Mrs Clements and Mr Skipper for their hard work on this.

He mentioned that the regular litter-picking carries on, and that it was sadly still very necessary.

Mr Winchester thanked all past and present Parish Council members for their help and support during his time as Chairman.  He stressed the value of teamwork.  He paid particular tribute to Mrs. Winchester, and to the Clerk.

He concluded by reading out some e-mails relating to the proposed tarmac on the Shrine area: the upshot of these is that there may well be no possibility of putting this work in hand, because of the drainage problems in Hall Drive.

PARISH COUNCIL REPORT.  The Clerk then gave a summary of the work of the Parish Council in the last year. He had distributed a summary of the audited accounts for 2011-12, and invited comments or questions. He mentioned that all the books and documents were present at the meeting, and that they were open to inspection by anyone.

There may be too many problems relating to drainage to do anything about the Shrine area.  If the project has to be cancelled, the money that the Parish Council has already paid will be returned.

Mr Doughty and Mr Smith were thanked for work on the notice board and the paths respectively.

A new venture in the village was the Goat Farm next to Greenacres.  A recent Open Day had proved very popular.

It had been decided not to acquire road signs saying “Honingham”, on the grounds of cost.

Grave doubts had been expressed by the Parish Council about the proposed express lane past the A47 roundabout heading east, although it seems as though this project is going ahead.

The Clerk added his personal thanks to Mr Winchester for his energetic and resourceful chairmanship.

POLICE MATTERS  There had been a burglary in Colton Road, and an attempted burglary in Mill Lane.  All were urged to be vigilant neighbours, and to report anything suspicious.

There is a possibility that the above-mentioned Six Parish Group will purchase flashing speed-limit signs, to be used in each village in turn for about two weeks.

VILLAGE ORGANIZATIONS.  The Clerk asked the meeting for an update on which organizations now meet regularly in the village.  The list comprises:

Fitness classes and aerobics: Coffee Mornings: Yoga: Table Tennis: Bellfolk handbell ringers: Crafts: Charity Dances once a month.

THE AILWYN CUP was awarded to Mr Gerry Bart, for his work on the committee planning and executing the village Jubilee Celebrations last year.

There being no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and closed the meeting.