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Draft Minutes of Honingham Parish Council Meeting held 14.08.17

The following are the draft Minutes of Honingham Parish Council from a meeting held on 14th August 2017 in the Village hall at 7pm. They are to be ratified at the next Meeting on 11th September 2017.

Minutes of Honingham Parish Council held 14th Aug 2017


  1. Apologies for Absence: Mr George Middleton, Parish Clerk (Minutes taken by Mrs L Human); Mr Sam Steggles.
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – 12th June 2017 – were read by Mr R Human; all agreed correct representation.
  3. There were no Matters Arising from the June Meeting.
  4. Cheques: Collier Turf Care Ltd £59.54, Norfolk Parish Training & Support £64, RoSPA £92.40, Mr E Perrett £51.60, Mr T Smith £5.20, Mr D Bishop £305.99. The Transparency Code: The smaller Authorities Transparency Code came into force on 1st April 2015 and requires the online publication of certain information which the Government requests, to provide taxpayers with a clear picture of the authority’s activities, spending and governance. The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) lobbied for the Code to be introduced in 2016 in order for the necessary support to be put into place for smaller parish councils (such as Honingham). Also adequate financial provision to be made to enable councils to meet the new burden. SB and LH have been working on this and have applied for £951.38 from the Transparency Fund, this will help with training and equipment for the new Parish Clerk so that we may be compliant. To comply with the Transparency Code we are required to publish the following information: All items of expenditure over £100, End of Year Accounts, Annual Governance Statement, Internal Audit Report, List of Councillors responsibilities, Details of public land and building assets, Minutes, Agenda’s and Meeting Papers of formal meetings. We are already compliant in the majority of items.
  5. Planning: None
  6. Highways and Footpaths: Norwich Northern Distributor Road – Development Consent Order (DCO), Requirement 30, Traffic Monitoring. As you will be aware the NDR is presently being built between the A47 at Postwick and the A1067 near Attlebridge. Requirement 30 states that prior to the NDR being opened a plan for the post implementation monitoring of traffic on the local highway network must be submitted to and approved by the Relevant Planning Authority. A letter explaining all of this, and the plan/maps has been sent to the Parish Clerk and he/she will hold this copy if anyone wishes to see it. Basically, the A47 between Honingham and E Tuddenham will have an Automatic Traffic Count (24 hours a day for 1 week, measuring vehicle flow and classification) between Oct/Nov 2018 and a Manual Classified Turning Count (7am to 7pm for 1 day, measuring vehicle flow and turning movement and classification) in Oct/Nov 2018.
  7. Leisure and Environmental Matters. Village Hall Toilet Improvements. A Business Plan has been put together to apply for funding’s required for this project. There are 2 Options, Firstly to update the present Ladies and Gents Toilets and to provide a separate toilet for disabled persons in the present cloaks area + provide a separate sink for the cleaner to use in the cleaners cupboard; this option would cost  £35,333.59, VAT £7,066.71  therefore total of £42,400.30 The toilets Steering Group were confident that with a £5000 gift from the former Honingham Bowls Club and contributions of £2500 each from the Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee the £32,400.30 would be easily funded. The second option, and the one favoured by Honingham Parishioners in the recent survey, was for just the cleaners sink and the toilets for disabled persons to be completed, and probably the present Ladies and Gents toilets to be slightly updated with new cubicles and sinks. The cost of the disabled toilet and the cleaners sink would be £2,040.00 + VAT £408.00 = £2,448.00 (cleaners sink) and £12,380.00 + VAT £2,476.00 = £14,856.00 A total of £17,304 including VAT. This could be met by the £2500 each from the Parish Council and Village Hall Committee, and applying for the remaining £12,304 from funding. The Ladies and Gents could be improved with the monies promised by the former Honingham Bowls Club. An earlier meeting of the Village Hall Committee had voted that the second option be implemented, and the Parish Council also opted for this proposal. It was therefore decided that the Toilets Steering Group should approach various organisations for funding of £12,304 to cover these costs.                                      New Bowls Club: This has been operating for 12 months now and is proving to be popular with parishioners and their families. Grass cutting of the playground area was costing £1100, but with Terry S and his family volunteering to do this, and the bowls green, we have only spent out £61.02 so far on petrol. There have also been fundraising events and donations which have been paid into the Parish Council funds (£589). A new, smaller mower, has just been purchased to cut the playground grass (£305.99)
  8. We have had more correspondence from Dong Energy regarding the Hornsea Project Three, Offshore Wind Farm – Phase 1.B: Consultation Summary Report. Again the Parish Clerk will hold a copy of this for anyone to see, plus we are putting copies in the Parish Phone Box/Info Hub. AON: We have had an update from our insurers to say that they will no longer be insuring local councils! However, we are covered by them until the end of the contract next year and will be actively seeking a cheaper option next year (currently we are paying £800 pa which seems a huge amount compared to other councils.
  9. Any Further Business. LH to contact Highways yet again regarding the cross roads at the Berrys Lane/Barnham Broom Road. This is still awaiting repair nearly 4 months since the bollards were demolished, and signs announcing the cross roads are completely obliterated by vegetation.                                                                                        SB and LH have attended the Policies and Procedures Training – and realised that there is quite a lot of work for Honingham Parish Council to complete!                                 Top of Colton Road; RH has personally taken his strimmer to the top of this road to clear vegetation and make this a safer access onto the Mattishall Road. It appears that someone has also cut the hedge back, but we are unclear as to whether this is the land owner or a local. However, visibility is still dire and dangerous to access the Mattishall Road, RH undertaken to contact the land owner’s agent Matthew Rampton again.            A47 Dualling between East Tuddenham and Honingham announced this morning and in the local press – route 2 has been chosen. Still unclear as to junctions and access, + access to our church, and what is to happen to Wood Lane. We can ask for Highways England to come and discuss at a meeting in Honingham or to join the meeting with them and East Tuddenham on Monday 4th
  10. Future Meetings: Monday September 11th 2017 + hand over of George Middleton, present Parish Clerk, to new Parish Clerk. A good turnout would be appreciated to thank George for 27 years loyal service to Honingham.                                                        Oct 9th 2017 . Both meetings in Village Hall at 7.00pm                                                                    At this point members of the Public were asked to leave the meeting
  11. Appointment of New Parish Clerk: Chairman Mr Bishop out lined the proposed appointment of Jordana Wheeler, her pay and conditions, and that the appointment (if approved) would be initially for 6 months’ probation and then confirmation of full appointment if probation period successful. This was unanimously agreed by the Council. Jordana Wheeler will commence her appointment on 1st September and there will be a hand over period with the present Clerk, and formal handover on date of next parish Council Meeting.

Results re Questionnaire Updating Honingham Village Hall Toilets

The Parish Council wished to consult with parishioners about their proposals for the village hall toilet improvements. To this effect, in May 2017, a questionnaire was sent to 142 households to gain parishioners’ views.



Put simply, the questionnaire listed the 3 main options.


  1. The complete refurbishment at c £40,000. (+ VAT)
  2. The access toilet, cleaner’s sink and baby change at c. £15,000. (+VAT)
  3. The cleaner’s sink only at c. £2,500. (+VAT)


There was also space for comments.


The response was poor, but of those questionnaires returned, the results are:


33.3% in favour of option 1

53.3% in favour of option 2

13.4% in favour of option 3.

Honingham Parish Council – Meeting 14th Aug 2017 in Village Hall at 7pm



Clerk: George Middleton, 24 Mill Lane, Honingham, Norwich NR9 5AF

Tel: 01603 880345  email:







  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  3. Matters arising from the Minutes
  4. Finance: Cheques, Audit Reports.
  5. Planning
  6. Highways and Footpaths (A47 Meeting and announcement on 14.8.17)
  7. Leisure and Environmental Matters
  8. Transparency
  9. Correspondence
  10. o.B
  11. Next Meetings
  12. Appointment of New Parish Clerk (this item to be heard in absence of Public of Press)

Honingham Parish Council Meeting 10th July 2017

Please note that this scheduled meeting is CANCELLED

No other reason than we have very little business to conduct!!!

The next meeting will be August 14th 2017

Draft Minutes of Honingham Parish Council Meeting 12th June 2017, to be approved at July meeting.

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on Monday 12th.June 2017 at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr T Sapey, Mrs N Cargill, Mrs L  Human and Mr S Steggles.  15 residents of the village also attended the meeting.  The Chairman welcomed Mr G Peck, County Councillor for this area, to the meeting.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mrs  S Blyth and Mr R Human.

THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.

MATTERS ARISING from the minutes: (a) a letter was read from Mr Rampton, seeking clarification on the meaning of “the triangle” in the Council’s last letter. The Clerk had sent a map.

(b) Details of the Bowls Club pavilion had been sent to the insurance company.

(c) No response had been received from Highways about the footpath to the Church and the kerbed area at the crossroads of Berrys Lane and the Mattishall Road.

(d) Repairs had been carried out to apparatus on the Children’s Playground.

(e) The Chairman had ascertained that refresher training videos were available for those trained on the defibrillator.

FINANCE.  The result of the Internal Audit report was circulated, and the relevant signatures were added.

The following cheques were agreed and signed:  E.on – £71.35 (Bowls Club electricity)

K.Slack – £50 (Internal Audit)

T Sapey – £11.47 (petrol)

Mrs S Blyth – £10.13 (stationery)

Mrs L Human – £15 (photocopying)

The Clerk had  received a form requesting  details of how the Council had spent the Community Infrastructure Levy.  It was agreed that the transformation of the Bowls Club and the defibrillator would qualify.

PLANNING.  Planning application 20170903, for a house on Norwich Road Colton, was considered.  No objections were raised.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS.  A letter was read from Mr R Hawker, of Hockering Parish Council, suggesting meeting of all local councils, with a view to formulating a common view to put forward to Highways England regarding the dualling of the A47.  The Chairman expressed his willingness to go to the suggested meeting.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS.  The Clerk had received a form about the Bowling Green, relating to its status as an unoccupied property, which he would compete and return.

There was no CORRESPONDENCE for this meeting.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS.  Mrs Human had details of a training course on local council policies.  The Council agreed to fund the expense of this course.

Mrs Cargill mentioned a litter pick on July 2nd.

Mr Sapey stressed that the Berrys Lane / Mattishall Road crossroads was a highly dangerous area, and suggested that someone from NCC Highways should be invited to a site meeting to see for himself or herself.  The Clerk was asked to try to arrange this.

MR G. PECK then spoke briefly to the meeting, expressing his willingness to help the Council in any way, particularly with regard to highways matters.  He would forward to Clerk notes of recent meetings.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

Village Hall Questionnaire

If you haven’t returned your questionnaire yet, re upgrading toilets in the village hall, please return soon! Either post in the Phone Box or hand to any of the Parish Councillors….

Thank you 😊👍

Honingham Parish Council Notice of Meeting 12.06.17

A Meeting of Honingham Parish Council will be held at Honingham Village Hall on Monday 12th June at 7pm.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  3. Matters Arising from the Minutes
  4. Finance, including Approval of the Audit, and cheque’s
  5. Planning. There are currently 2 Planning Applications for Honingham: 20170870 Gun Cottage and 20170903 Honingham Thorpe Farm (see
  6. Highways and Footpaths
  7. Leisure and Environmental Matters
  8. Correspondence
  9. Any further business
  10. Future Meetings