Parish Council

Honingham Parish Council Meeting 10th July 2017

Please note that this scheduled meeting is CANCELLED

No other reason than we have very little business to conduct!!!

The next meeting will be August 14th 2017

Draft Minutes of Honingham Parish Council Meeting 12th June 2017, to be approved at July meeting.

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on Monday 12th.June 2017 at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr T Sapey, Mrs N Cargill, Mrs L  Human and Mr S Steggles.  15 residents of the village also attended the meeting.  The Chairman welcomed Mr G Peck, County Councillor for this area, to the meeting.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mrs  S Blyth and Mr R Human.

THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.

MATTERS ARISING from the minutes: (a) a letter was read from Mr Rampton, seeking clarification on the meaning of “the triangle” in the Council’s last letter. The Clerk had sent a map.

(b) Details of the Bowls Club pavilion had been sent to the insurance company.

(c) No response had been received from Highways about the footpath to the Church and the kerbed area at the crossroads of Berrys Lane and the Mattishall Road.

(d) Repairs had been carried out to apparatus on the Children’s Playground.

(e) The Chairman had ascertained that refresher training videos were available for those trained on the defibrillator.

FINANCE.  The result of the Internal Audit report was circulated, and the relevant signatures were added.

The following cheques were agreed and signed:  E.on – £71.35 (Bowls Club electricity)

K.Slack – £50 (Internal Audit)

T Sapey – £11.47 (petrol)

Mrs S Blyth – £10.13 (stationery)

Mrs L Human – £15 (photocopying)

The Clerk had  received a form requesting  details of how the Council had spent the Community Infrastructure Levy.  It was agreed that the transformation of the Bowls Club and the defibrillator would qualify.

PLANNING.  Planning application 20170903, for a house on Norwich Road Colton, was considered.  No objections were raised.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS.  A letter was read from Mr R Hawker, of Hockering Parish Council, suggesting meeting of all local councils, with a view to formulating a common view to put forward to Highways England regarding the dualling of the A47.  The Chairman expressed his willingness to go to the suggested meeting.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS.  The Clerk had received a form about the Bowling Green, relating to its status as an unoccupied property, which he would compete and return.

There was no CORRESPONDENCE for this meeting.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS.  Mrs Human had details of a training course on local council policies.  The Council agreed to fund the expense of this course.

Mrs Cargill mentioned a litter pick on July 2nd.

Mr Sapey stressed that the Berrys Lane / Mattishall Road crossroads was a highly dangerous area, and suggested that someone from NCC Highways should be invited to a site meeting to see for himself or herself.  The Clerk was asked to try to arrange this.

MR G. PECK then spoke briefly to the meeting, expressing his willingness to help the Council in any way, particularly with regard to highways matters.  He would forward to Clerk notes of recent meetings.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

Village Hall Questionnaire

If you haven’t returned your questionnaire yet, re upgrading toilets in the village hall, please return soon! Either post in the Phone Box or hand to any of the Parish Councillors….

Thank you 😊👍

Honingham Parish Council Notice of Meeting 12.06.17

A Meeting of Honingham Parish Council will be held at Honingham Village Hall on Monday 12th June at 7pm.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  3. Matters Arising from the Minutes
  4. Finance, including Approval of the Audit, and cheque’s
  5. Planning. There are currently 2 Planning Applications for Honingham: 20170870 Gun Cottage and 20170903 Honingham Thorpe Farm (see
  6. Highways and Footpaths
  7. Leisure and Environmental Matters
  8. Correspondence
  9. Any further business
  10. Future Meetings

We need a Parish Clerk as George is retiring after 27 years!

Honingham Parish Council – Part time Clerk Vacancy

Are you an experienced administrator who is looking for flexible, part-time (paid) work locally? We are seven Councillors looking for a Parish Clerk to work 4 hours per week for us. The role involves:

  • Arranging and attending meetings
  • Preparing agendas and writing minutes
  • Managing the finances
  • Dealing with correspondence and phone enquiries from the public
  • Preparing information for the website

The role is home-based with attendance at meetings at the Village Hall on the second Monday of the month. Training and support will be provided. If it sounds as though you would suit this role, we’d love to hear from you. Full Job Description will be sent on application.

Enquire first by phone or email Deadline for written applications is 30 June 2017

Contact:  Linda Human (Vice-Chair) 01603 880089 or

Notice of Meeting of Honingham Parish Council 8th May 2017

A meeting of Honingham Parish Council will take place on Monday 8th May at Honingham Village Hall 7pm.

Business to be transacted:

1. Apologies for absence

2. Election of Chairman, Vice Chair, Village Hall rep.

3. Minutes of previous meeting

4.Matters arising from the Minutes

5. Finance, to include Insurance

6. Planning

7. Highways and Footpaths, to include hedges

8. Leisure and Environmental matters

9. Correspondence


11. Next meeting dates

Minutes Honingham Parish Council 10.04.17

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on Monday 10th. April 2017, at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr R Human, Mrs L Human, Mr S Sapey and Mrs N Cargill. 22 residents of the village also attended the meeting.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mr S Steggles and Mrs S Blyth.

THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.

MATTERS ARISING.  (a) A letter had been received from Mr Rampton about the hedge on the Mattishall Road, in which he stated that he was not in favour of removing any part of it.  He also stated that he would not like to see the triangle of land at the west end of the village planted with trees. The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Ian Alston to ask whether the hedge could be cut very low at the relevant point.

(b) Mr Bishop and Mr and Mrs Human had attended a meeting at County Hall about the Northern Distributor Route.  There had been discussion about the proposed link between the A1067 and the A47.  They had learned that plans were a long way behind the plans for the A47. Further meetings were planned.

FINANCE The following cheques were agreed and signed:

To Mr T Sapey, £69.24, for various expenses connected with the Bowls Club

To Ben Burgess, £145, for hire of a machine

To Eon, £161, for electricity bill

To Mr J Skipper, £11.09 for tabards, and £69.25 for Bowls Club materials

To Building Plans Ltd, £97.80 for plans of the hedges.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS Mrs L Human summarised the points that had been raised by Parish Councillors about the proposed A47 dualling.  None was in favour of options 2 or 4.  Some general discussion then took place, with all being encouraged to voice their opinions.  Several people said that the information provided was too sketchy for an informed opinion to be formed.  Points were raised in favour of all four proposed routes.  The Chairman thanked everyone for contributing to the discussion.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS.  The meeting heard that work on the Bowls Club was progressing, thanks to sterling work by the Sapeys and Mr Mattless and other volunteers.  Open evenings were planned.

CORRESPONDENCE. (a) A letter was read from Mr Brian Webb, in which he wrote about his work with the 466th. Attlebridge Bomb Group, and he reminded the village of his interest in village history, and the various ways in which he had contributed to its study.

(b) a letter was read from Mr and Mrs S Brooke, of Olde Pyghtle, about the problem with the phone lines in Colton Road.  They stated that it was clearly established that the fault was not with them, and that BT have at no time attributed the problem to them.  The Parish Council apologised to Mr and Mrs Brooke for the implication that the difficulty lay with them.

(c) A letter was read from Mr Grant to Mr Perrett, thanking him for the donation which had enabled new curtains to be provided for the Village Hall.


Mr Sapey was concerned about cars coming down the Village Hall drive when there could be children playing. Mr Grant may have suitable warning signs.

Mrs Human said that the Village Hall toilets project was still ongoing.

There was an enquiry about village firework events in November:  it was reported that insurance problems had caused these to cease.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.