Recent photos

The Shrine Seat restored

Well done David & Odette for cleaning and painting the seat at the Shrine. looks good, and I can’t wait to spend the odd hour sitting there and watching the traffic go by.


Thanks from all footpath walkers

Thanks to Richard & Lorraine for tidying the entrance to the footpath from Dereham Rd.

Visibility now much better. We must get the footpath sign a new post though.


Village Hall sign repainted

Warning – Children Playing


The warning sign has been relocated – we hope this will encourage motorists to take care when approaching the Village Hall entrance. Children may be coming out without looking!

Percy the peacock

Thanks to Sally Blyth for sending this pic of Percy posing for her. She says “Here is the latest resident of Honingham. Nobody seems to know who owns him, but while he is here perhaps we should enjoy seeing him (although he is rather noisy!)

There have been reports of people throwing stones at him and even a car being driven straight at him when he was crossing the road. He is a beautiful bird and it would be very sad if he was killed deliberately”


Thanks Ted – strimmer extraordinaire!

Many thanks to Ted for strimming the public right of way to allow us all to walk without being mobbed by weeds!

Berry Bridge sluice

The Environment Agency have decided to remove the sluice and allow the Tud to become a natural waterway. Some concrete will be left so as not to compromise the structure of the bridge itself.