Reminder re House Martins

Now is the time to put up your House Martin Nest so we can increase our numbers after last years BTO study.
This is my new one under the eaves of our office.
They are £13.99 from the RSPB

Jerry Bart

He’s still in Honingham!


Thanks to Sally and Paul for taking care of him over the Winter months……all feathers have grown back and he will soon be displaying that magnificent tail




Percy update


Not a very clear shot, but spotted Percy the peacock this morning….his tail feathers are growing back beautifully 😊





Bird Update February 2016


Hi all
I thought I saw one the other week flying away but now I have a photo of a Reed Bunting on our bird table. I have never seen one even on the circular walk so in 5 years and so am very pleased.

In addition we now have Siskins feeding around the village. If you want them to visit your garden you will need niger seeds. They are a winter visiting Finch and could stay with us till early spring.

We also have a possible Redpoll sighting by Ray Grant up Mill Lane.

Kind regards

Jerry Bart

The Old Mill The Street Honingham Norfolk NR9 5BL

House Martins

Jerry reminds us that there is a desperate need for more house martin nests, and they are now available on Amazon. An ideal Christmas present!

Percy the Peacock

Sally Blyth reports:-

Our resident peacock is still here! Ha hasn’t been calling for a while and has lost all his beautiful tail feathers, but I am assured that both of these things are normal. He still roosts in the shrine oak tree at night. He spends a lot of time in our garden pecking at the windfall apples – and also in our neighbour’s garden – pecking at their cabbages!

He loves mealworms and will probably have to have a lot of them if he stays here for the winter.

Tweet tweet

There is now a mobile phone App costing just £3.99 called The Warblr. Using it, you just point your mobile in the direction of a birdsong, and the App suggests what bird it is. It has over 200 songs in its database, and is claimed to be 95% accurate.

I wonder if it will be able to identify Percy!!