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Percy Peacock

Sad news I’m afraid….RSPCA came to see him today and decided he ought to see their vet, when they picked him up (in a swan carrier) they said he didn’t weigh very much. The intention was that he would be taken to a bird sanctuary to recuperate. However, Paul Blyth received a phone call this afternoon and it seems that Percy was in quite a bad way – elderly, arthritic, and possible kidney failure. They said it would be best if he was put to sleep, so Paul agreed.

Percy had been in the village for over 2 years now, and he certainly brightened us up with his colourful plumage, we will miss him.

Percy Peacock

Sally Blyth sent this note regarding our colourful resident, he has not been well for about a week now, and the RSPCA have visited to check him over….

Just wondered if it is worth putting about Percy on the website? People may have wondered about him. The RSPCA have asked to be kept in touch. As he doesn’t seem able to fly very high, we might ask them to collect him and take him to a sanctuary for his own safety. We wonder if he has been hit by a car as he holds one wing down. It isn’t broken though. He has spent the last few nights on our patio table.

We are trying to keep him in the garden but he might escape!

If anyone sees him wandering around the village, looking unwell, would they please let Paul and Sally know. Thank you.

Very rare Turtle Dove seen in Honingham

Thank you Maureen for sending this photo of a beautiful – and extremely rare – Turtle Dove which visited your garden earlier this week. Have a look at the Doves in your garden Honingham residents….it might just be this beautiful Turtle Dove!!!

Sparrow Hawk

Jerry Bart found this awesome Sparrow Hawk in his back garden eyeing up the birds using the bird feeders! Luckily he didn’t catch any that day……..

Thank you Jerry!

Honingham Birdwatch

Chatting to Trevor Smith he tells me that a kingfisher flew into their window earlier this year, he held it until it  recovered, put it on a post near the river, and it eventually flew off. Kingfishers can often be seen along the banks of the River Tud, so keep an eye out next time you are near the river….


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An Autumn walk around Honingham

brambling-santon-downham-3 egret-little-honingham


Autumn Wildlife Walk Round Honingham – with Jerry Bart

It was a beautiful cold but bright Sunday morning and I decided to go for a birding walk  from our house up Mill Lane and through the woods to Berry Lane. I had already seen a Little Egret from our kitchen window in the Tud so felt confident of a fruitful walk.

I am sure many of you dog walkers know this route well.

The first people I see are a couple walking back from Susan Grants house with two jars of her wonderful jam. Stopping just opposite the old pig sheds saw my first birds. Blackbird, Wood Pigeon and Blue Tit. Was just about to move on when I saw another bird fly away towards the giant poplars. I saw a white rump and thought …maybe a Bull Finch or possibly the very rare Brambling. I didn’t count it as wasn’t sure.

Moving through the woods the leaves were mostly blown down and I was able to see Natasha’s eco-house through the trees. I went off the path hoping to scare a  wintering Woodcock into the air. Unfortunately no luck.

Walking on Chaffinch and Great Tits appeared in the canopy. I scanned them closely looking for a Brambling or even a Redpoll. No luck until I nearly got to Berry Lane. From the field on the left up popped a Chaffinch. Then I took a second look and thought…that’s a bit different. I tried to double checking through the bins  and as usual it flew off just as I was focusing. However I saw the white rump. Now 80% sure it was my dream winter bird. Once in Berry Lane I saw a pheasant, a  flock of long tailed tits and then an unexpected bird. Willow Tit high in the canopy. Definitely a good day so far I thought. Then I caught some movement high up and hoped this was the bird I was really after. Then yes..a  beautiful male Brambling and realised the one I saw before must have be a female which is a bit duller than the male. Then I saw 4 more feeding on the seeds high in the trees. This was only the second time I had seen this bird in Honingham. The last time was 2010 in that very cold winter when Julie and I first moved here.

Feeling well pleased I moved on to the bridge hoping for a Kingfisher or a Grey Wagtail. No such luck but Jackdaw and a Carrion Crow flew over adding to my list. Turning into the field back to the village came Robin, Wren and more Blue Tits. Scanning high I hoped for a Red Kite. But no.

Passing Anthony’s plantation two flashing white rumped birds flew into the bushes. First Bull Finches of the day then a Wren and Hedge Sparrow (Dunnock).

Almost at The Buck and I scanned the field for Red Legged Partridge. No joy. Strolling back to the Old Mill I saw House Sparrow and Starlings. Stopping at the bridge I crept up over the wall hoping for that elusive Kingfisher. Now that would have capped off a great walk. It was however not to be.

That’s what I find so wonderful about bird spotting. You never know what will turn up and often the ones you expect to be around seem to disappear.

All in all a great hours walk.

When you are strolling around our wonderful village why not take some binoculars with you. You will be surprised what you may see. If you see anything different and are not sure what it may be just email me the description and I will try and help identify it for you.


Jerry Bart – The Old Mill Honingham

New house guests of the housemartin kind.

In the light of Jerry posting many superb pictures of the local birds, I thought I should share that for the first time we not only have housemartins in the vicinity of our eaves but also they are actually building their own nest up there! Heidi

Reminder re House Martins

Now is the time to put up your House Martin Nest so we can increase our numbers after last years BTO study.
This is my new one under the eaves of our office.
They are £13.99 from the RSPB

Jerry Bart

He’s still in Honingham!


Thanks to Sally and Paul for taking care of him over the Winter months……all feathers have grown back and he will soon be displaying that magnificent tail