Services & Suppliers you may need

A whole list of local and or recommended trades persons in our area. Please do give any feedback via the site if you have used these companies.

New Parish Council Website

Honingham Parish Council have a new website which is now available. Please note that this website will no longer be updated. To view the website please visit;

Windows Cleaned

Recommendation from John Skipper and Hazel Canning……both have had their windows cleaned by this chap – they cannot recommend him highly enough, does a super job and cleans the plastic frames. As a guide he charges about £15 for a house their size and he comes to Honingham once a month – see John for further details if you wish. The window cleaner is S.J.Nye, 15 Victoria Close, NR8 6NS tel 01603 868014.

Rix Heating Oil

This is link to Rix website….

Superfast Broadband for Honingham- update

As you know Honingham Parish Council have been chasing up BT for over 12 months in the quest for Superfast Broadband for the village. This is latest reply:

Here is an overview of the fibre coverage that is planned for the 170 properties in the Honingham area which are currently served directly form the Honingham local telephone exchange via Exchange Only Lines and the 3 properties which are served from Honingham cabinet 3:

A new fibre cabinet which will be implemented towards the end of the rollout (late 2019 / early 2020) will provide access to speeds of 15-24Mbps for the three properties currently served from Honingham cabinet 3.

There are three new fibre cabinets and two Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) implementations planned as follows:

– One cabinet during the first six months of 2018 which will provide access to Superfast (SF) speeds (24Mbps+) for 60 properties
– Two new cabinets planned between Oct 2018 – Mar 2019 that will provide SF for 70 properties
– 17 further properties are planned to have access to an FTTP solution between Oct 2018 – Mar 2019 that will provide SF for 70 properties
– A further FTTP solution is planned towards the end of the rollout to serve a further 16 properties
– There are 7 properties where no fibre solution is currently possible



Survey and design work will take place in phases, as the survey for each new cabinet is completed details will be provided to the relevant Parish Council. There won’t be survey packs for the FTTP solutions.

Once fibre infrastructure is available in your area, people will need to contact their Internet Service Provider, or another, to discuss suitable services packages. Over 100 Internet Service Providers offer fibre based broadband service.

One slight caveat, this is subject to survey and there always remains the small chance that this reveals something that would require more work than expected which could cause a delay or, in extreme cases, it is possible that severe technical issues will be discovered that prevent implementation altogether.


Karen O’Kane

Programme Director – Better Broadband for Norfolk

Library Van

Wednesday next week, Aug 10th, Library Van will be coming to Honingham. Fellowes Road 0945 am and The Pump at 10 am. Remember, if you do get stuck for something to read there are some good paperbacks and hardbacks in the Phone box to borrow……and if you have some books in good condition that you no longer want, these can be left in the phone box for others to enjoy.

Spotted on Street Life today

I know some people are keen on having an allotment….this on Street Life today:
Lizzie R
Allotment share

would anyone be interested in taking on half of my allotment ? either now or October onwards when fees are due. [Bluebell North site]

CPR and Defibrillator training

We are arranging training on basic first aid and CPR, + how to use the defibrillator in case of emergency. We intend to arrange this training in the Village Hall at Honingham on Tuesday evenings, date yet to be fixed. There will be no charge to you for this training and you will gain a certificate on completion. If you would like to be considered for this training, or wish to discuss it, please contact PC Chair David Bishop on 01603 882066.

Library Van


It’s that time again!

library van will be in Honingham next Wednesday, 15th June, at Fellowes Road approx 0945 hours and The Pump approx 1000 hrs.

Hellesdon Hall Road, open for business despite roadworks

Spotted on Street Life today:

Hi I would like to point out that Hellesdon Hall road is due to close for about 12 weeks so big firms can expand. Who thinks of the small business already trading at Hellesdon Barns, this will kill their trade. Why can’t they keep the road open and have it as a one way.

When they so called improved Longwater trading area did they stop traffic getting to the big shops already in place, NO they changed the road system allowing traffic to still reach the shops with the least problems as possible.

My wife owns Wooly wotnots Wool and crafts shop at the Barns, she has ploughed all her savings into the shop and has just managed to survive the winter period, now they intend to close the road to stop customers easy access to the complex all through the summer.

Can every one who reads this please tell people that they know the complex is still open and will need local trade more than ever over this hard time, as we know the developers will not try to help. Thanks for reading this. Keith

Honingham Oil Scheme

Shona from Rix Heating Oil tells me that they are delivering to the village sometime next week (that’s week commencing 23rd May) If you haven’t been contacted and need some heating oil, phone Shona on 01953 457057.