Honingham Oil Scheme

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Rix Heating Oil

This is link to Rix website….

Rix Heating Oil

Rix will be delivering oil to Honingham in the next 2 weeks, very good saving on normal price, if you want to join the syndicate, or missed their call, contact them on 01953 457057 to arrange a delivery

Honingham Oil Scheme

Shona from Rix Heating Oil tells me that they are delivering to the village sometime next week (that’s week commencing 23rd May) If you haven’t been contacted and need some heating oil, phone Shona on 01953 457057.

Rix Oil donation for 2015

Thanks to all users of the Village Oil Scheme, the Village Hall has received a donation of £129 from Rix for the 2015 period.

For your interest, the latest delivery from them, last week, was 25.5 pence plus VAT per litre.


I just had a call from Rix Petroleum to say that they are planning a new delivery to the Honingham Scheme members.

The price this time, regardless of volume ordered, is 31.75 per litre for standard oil, 34.25 for the special stuff.

Existing members will be getting a phone call, but if you wish to join the scheme please ring Janet at Rix on 01953 457057.

Remember, there is no obligation to accept deliveries, which are offered by phone 4 times a year. And a further benefit is that they pay a small but useful commission to our Village Hall on the annual total supplied.

Personally, I have a direct debit account with them so run my heating on a painless monthly budget. Janet can get this fixed up for you.



Rix Oil Scheme

Rix’s contribution to the Village Hall for the 2014 scheme amounted to £138.21 – another good contribution to their funds.

If you are interested in saving money, at the same time as helping support our village hall, Click here to join

Village Hall donation from Rix Petroleum

Raymond Grant informs us that he has just received the donation from Rix for the Honingham Oil Scheme for 2013 – £167 this year, a good increase on the previous year.

Thanks to all who have participated in the scheme.

Join the Honingham Heating Oil Scheme

To join the Honingham Scheme

just ring Rix on 01953 457057 and let them have your number.

Rix logo

There’s no pressure and no commitment at all.

Four times a year, their friendly staff  will ring you the week before deliveries are planned, and quote you their competitive price.

You will benefit from their bulk price (however little you need) because of their savings through the efficiency of delivery costs.

You can always take time to ring round to check competitors’ prices, and say no if you don’t need any.

But we have consistently found the offer to be quite competitive, and Rix make a small donation to the Village Hall funds for each litre supplied under the Scheme – in 2012 this came to £140!! Everybody wins!!

This year’s deliveries are provisionally planned to take place during weeks commencing

20th May

19th August

18th November