Library Van Wednesday 19th April

Library Van will be calling again next Wednesday, 19th April….Fellowes Road 0940’ish and The Pump 10’ish 😊


Bowls Club…..can you spare an hour or so this Saturday?

The green has now been scarified and starting to look super.

However, lots of jobs still to do, so if you can spare a couple of hours this Saturday morning, 10 am onwards, we’ll be glad to see you.



The Bowling Green is starting to look good. The next event in our calendar is assembling a work party to help with scarifying the green and tackling lots of DIY jobs. If you can help, come along at 10 am onwards on 8th April and bring your favourite tools.


It has been decided that there will be no form of “Membership” so that all will feel welcome to use the facilities free of charge – bowls, crazy golf, pool, darts to name a few!


We are going to have a regular “Roll-up” evening on Thursday evenings from 6.30 pm onwards starting on 27th April. All equipment provided – just bring some flat soled shoes to prevent damaging the grass. BYOB of course!


The green will be available for anyone to play, anytime, 24/7. Come along to see what is available in this, your village amenity


This year’s big event will take place on Sunday 25th June – more publicity to follow but get the date in your diaries.

Library Van

Library Van will be visiting Honingham next Weds, 22nd March. Usual times and places, 0940’ish Fellowes Rd and 10’ish at The Pump

Good News re Litter Picking Team

News from John Skipper re Litter Picking:
Glad to report that Natasha Cargill has decided to take over from me as Litter Warden. A much needed cleanup is being arranged for 19th March.
I have informed the picking team, and I will be helping Natasha for the first couple of sessions (- Pat & I will be continuing to be part of the picking team).
If anyone would like to join the litter pickers please see Natasha or John for further details.

Litter Picking for Honingham – New Warden needed

After several years doing the job, John Skipper is relinquishing his duties as Litter Warden for Honingham.

Despite appeals within the Picking gang, nobody has yet come forward to take his place, so it looks like the end of organised picks. (However, many of the gang are walkers and dog owners, who will no doubt carry on the job informally.)

The loaned equipment will have to be returned to Broadland DC.

Skip would like to record his thanks to the valiant pickers who have worked on this task for many years. Since it was formed 7 years ago we have filled 336 sacks of litter, plus collecting lots of other nasty items dumped on our roadsides and alerting BDC about fly tipping in the area.

If anybody is interested in taking on these duties, please contact Skip on 880720 for more information.

Thank you from Sally Blyth

At Christmas time, my daughter lost her puppy’s extendable lead on the field. Despite criss crossing the field, 4 of us failed to find it and had to bring the puppy home on a rope! A new lead cost £25.
Imagine her delight during her next visit at half term, to find the lead in a plastic bag hanging on the fence. Some kind person had found it and helpfully left it for whoever had lost it. We have no idea who it was but would like to say thank you via this site.
We now have a spare lead to keep in Honingham ready for her next visit.

Thanks a lot.

Sally 🐕 x