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Good News re Litter Picking Team

News from John Skipper re Litter Picking:
Glad to report that Natasha Cargill has decided to take over from me as Litter Warden. A much needed cleanup is being arranged for 19th March.
I have informed the picking team, and I will be helping Natasha for the first couple of sessions (- Pat & I will be continuing to be part of the picking team).
If anyone would like to join the litter pickers please see Natasha or John for further details.

Litter Picking for Honingham – New Warden needed

After several years doing the job, John Skipper is relinquishing his duties as Litter Warden for Honingham.

Despite appeals within the Picking gang, nobody has yet come forward to take his place, so it looks like the end of organised picks. (However, many of the gang are walkers and dog owners, who will no doubt carry on the job informally.)

The loaned equipment will have to be returned to Broadland DC.

Skip would like to record his thanks to the valiant pickers who have worked on this task for many years. Since it was formed 7 years ago we have filled 336 sacks of litter, plus collecting lots of other nasty items dumped on our roadsides and alerting BDC about fly tipping in the area.

If anybody is interested in taking on these duties, please contact Skip on 880720 for more information.

Thanks to the Litter Pickers

Thanks to the gang who went out last weekend to tidy the village again. We collected 10 sacks of litter, a car wheel, and even a soiled pair of underpants! Well done all.

Since we started we have filled 326 sacks. Amazing.


What Hurricane???

Despite the forecast the Litter Picking Team managed to get round and tidy the village again today (10th Aug)

Well done all – we managed to fill another 8 sacks.

We have noticed that McDonalds are now giving their takeaway customers wipes to clean their grotty little hands before they toss their litter onto the verges. This adds nicely to the boxes, cans, cups, lids, straws and spoons we have to pick up.

PS On the same Sunday afternoon the first McDonalds and Pizza containers were dumped on Norwich Road! The location of some of the rubbish we collect leads us to suspect that some of it is dumped by people who actually live in Honingham and should know better.

Bad news for litter “Tossers”

A breakthrough in roadside littering

After many years of persistent campaigning, CPRE and Lord Marlesford managed to get the Government to agree that local councils need additional powers to deal with people who throw litter from their vehicles. Rather than having to prove exactly who threw the litter – something that proved largely impossible – councils can now issue a fine to the owner of the vehicle, making sure the crime doesn’t go unpunished. This new provision brings littering in line with other driving offences such as speeding or parking infringements.


Let’s hope we see some offenders charged very soon.

Click on this link to watch an amusing video about litter.



Litter Picking News

On Sunday last (5th January) our little band tidied the Village once again – we hope you have noticed. In the 3 years we have been doing it we have now filled over 250 sacks with rubbish – not to mention the odd car wheel and other items. Amongst the usual MacDonalds rubbish we find dirty nappies, bottles of urine, and many other disgusting things. What a dirty and untidy nation we are!

Recently we have, I’m afraid, ceased picking along the Mattishall Road, except for around our bus stop and the school area. (Although we do the job on Sunday mornings the speed of the traffic along that road is terrifying, and we have decided that we cannot justify risking our lives there.) When the litter gets to be too bad we will ask Broadland DC to get the professionals to clear the litter along that road.

Thanks to the volunteers who turn out every 2 months to help with this task – you are all super!

In the picture below the orange bags were filled along Norwich Road, Dereham Road and Berrys Lane. The green ones were filled on Ringland Lane from the A47 to Merrywood. The regular offender on that Lane is a local cattery which double bags its cat litter and regularly throws several bags of it into the hedgerow. Charming!

This week's pickings

This week’s pickings

We Won The Cup!!!

In 2012 the Ailwyn Cup was awarded to Mark Kenney, Honingham’s Litter Warden,

on behalf of the Litter Picking Team. Well done Mark and the team.

Click on the link below to see what the group is up to

Litter picking

Our next session will be on Sunday May 5th We are always keen to welcome new members – contact Skip on 880720 if you’d like to join us.