Bowls Club



At this week’s Parish Council meeting the costs of resurrecting the Bowling Green, and of the ongoing maintenance, were put forward by Craig Mattless. These were of course “worst scenario” amounts, as several fund-raising events are planned during the coming year to minimise the outlay.


Some discussion was forthcoming, with strong support from some members of the PC. This decision was being made after much effort to find out what the Village wanted – the Bowls option seemed to be one of the cheapest and most popular one. The recent “Open Day” was very successful – with many residents signing up to support the idea of a casual, friendly Club – open to all. The proposal was adopted unanimously.


The Committee can now get the electricity reconnected (so that the irrigation system will work again), and carry out the recommended Autumn treatments to the green. Work parties will of course be needed, and volunteers are urged to contact Craig. The green won’t mow itself!


Murmurs of dissent will of course be heard. “Such a lot of money to be spent” etc etc.


But if the new Club and its fundraising events are successful there will be no great expense to the village. If it is not (and we will soon know) then the idea could quickly be abandoned and the Village will just have to decide on what to do with the green instead.


But the Committee is determined to give it a real go, and hopes that the village will respond by using and enjoying this wonderful facility.


WATCH THIS SPACE……………………………….

Honingham History Day

Honingham History Day was a great success!
All afternoon, interested villagers looked at logbooks, exclaimed (and often laughed!) at photos and pored over papers, absorbing unexpected and unknown facts from our village’s past.
There was an impressive display of artefacts and memories, collated and arranged by Erica, Susan, Sally, Julie and Linda with help from Michael and Brian. Thank you for enabling us to see Honingham in a new and fascinating light. Many people visited from the bowls and games day on the bowling green, and all enjoyed an amazing array of home-made cakes with their restorative cuppa!
Thank you to all contributors; cake-makers, bowlers and historians combined to make it a really good afternoon!
We made over £200, which was unexpected. It will be used to put Honingham’s history on show more visibly and permanently in the village hall.
Frances Middleton

Bowls is the new Darts!

Just a summary of yesterdays events from my perspective.

After much hard work from a great team of volunteers, some strong support from the Parish Council and Honingham residents, Our Honingham Bowls Day attracted an impressive steady flow of visitors throughout the day. We had some very pleasing, genuine interest in a fresh approach to the use of the Bowls area.
Our contacts sheet is well populated and has given us some interested residents that we can include in the communication of all future events. It was very encouraging to hear that so many people were interested in just playing bowls. We also encouraged a few willing extra volunteers.
All of the activities were well attended and the sight of our Wonderful Bowling Green busy with people enjoying themselves was extremely pleasing.
The fund raising activities and some generous donations resulted in a grand total of £198.50.
We had prize winners for all three Target Bowls categories and yes, somebody did get the `Bowl in the Box’ Which meant that I had to honour my promise to dine in the Buck, in a very pretty dress!
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of the team that made this such a success and to every single person that visited us.
I was very pleased to see that the event at the Village Hall was equally well attended and it was great to see the village vibrant and `alive’.

Well done and thank you to all.

I propose to get together at the Bowls pavilion on Thursday 8th Sept at 7pm to discuss how best to move forward and to listen to any comments offered. All are welcome.

Kind regards
Craig Matless

Bowls Club Next Metting

The Bowling Green – an update

Since the devastating news that the Honingham Bowls Club has folded, the Parish Council has been considering the options of what to do with the Green. No obvious choice was becoming apparent, so a survey of Village opinion was sought – a form was delivered to every house in the village.

At the recent Parish Council meeting on 26th July the results of the survey were discussed. 27% of the forms had been returned, but analysis of the results did not seem to give the Council any reasonable mandate for spending large sums of funds or effort on any of the options.

One new idea was put forward by Craig Mattless at the meeting why not keep it as a bowling green? Not a serious club to enter leagues, but just an “Open to all” facility for friendly, social bowls activities. This seemed a popular idea, which would cost a minimum of effort and cash to get going. After some discussion Craig agreed to head up an effort to get things moving. But time was of the essence if something was to be done in 2016.

So on 2nd August Craig got a few people together at the green to look around and see what would need to be done – the PC Chairman, Terry Sapey (who is cutting the green), Ted Perrett (The Ex Bowls Club Chairman) and a couple of others who had agreed to help get things moving. After a look around it was decided that the idea could take off with a minimum of expense. Some work and equipment was needed. The need for publicity and an inaugural event was discussed, and it was thought that perhaps coinciding the event with the upcoming “History Day” would be mutually beneficial to both events.

Funding and equipment is now being sought, and a further meeting is to be held, at the clubhouse, at 7pm on Tuesday 16th August so that decisions can be made in readiness for a report to the next PC Meeting on 23rd August.

All interested parties are of course welcome to attend the meeting, when such things as the details of the inaugural event will be discussed. Offers of disused bowls and other equipment will be very welcome.

It is hoped that despite a few problems the idea can be tried out. It will cost very little, and by the end of the year we will have some idea as to the potential success as we go into the 2017 season.

Bowls Club Usage Update

Sorry haven’t received Minutes yet from last PC Meeting……however, when we discussed the Survey results from Villagers it was clear there was not a lot of support for any of the projects that were suggested. Craig Mattless asked the meeting if a “social” bowls club would be acceptable rather than the previous club which was heavily into etiquette and competitions – a show of hands at the meeting was very much in favour of having  a “go” at bowls in this way.

A meeting convened yesterday came up with the following:

Last evening we held at the Bowls Club a get together  on how we could re-launch the bowls game in the village.

Present was Craig Mattless, John Skipper, Ryan Harvey, Ted Perret, David Bishop, Mr and Mrs Terry Sapey.

Craig was elected as the Chairperson.

Craig read out a document he had written on the way we could go forward Which was discussed.

John had also prepared a document and we also discussed this.

David said he would contact the BDC in the morning to try get some funding.

We agreed that the aim was to have a Bowls Day on Sunday 4th September the same day as the History Day.

Another meeting will be held before the next council meeting  Craig will arrange a date.

Anyone who wants to join in with the bowls  please come along and have your say.

Both Craig’s and Johns documents are available for anyone to read.



David Bishop


Honingham helpers – thank you!

This from John Skipper:

Chris (The Chef) Knibb has done a wonderful job strimming the whole Fen footpath – you could drive a small car through there now!!

Thanks from all the walkers.

I believe thanks are also due too, to Craig Matless for sorting out /cutting back the hedges along the bowling green ?

Survey re Bowls Club

We have asked for all returns – to any Parish Councillor, or via the Phone Box – to be handed in by midnight Friday 22nd July……so just today and tomorrow left! So far we have had a 25% return, but we would really welcome your views so if you haven’t done so yet Please Return! Anyone having difficulty in getting to the phone box, or a Councillor, please let Linda know on 880089, and we can arrange collection.

Thank you ?


We started putting a survey through village doors at the weekend, hopefully all done soon. If you haven’t received a survey by the end of this week please let Linda Human know on 880089 and I will get one to you. Exciting! Not only will we get an idea of your wishes regarding the Bowls Green, but it should give us a good idea of the age range in the village – we think we’re older range but nice to have this confirmed, and also to know how many youngsters we have. ?

The Ailwyn Field

After a query regarding the possible usage of the bowls club land, please see this document below that clearly states that the Ailwyn Field is intended for recreational purposes for the villagers of Honingham.


A new idea for the former Bowling Green

This idea from Sally Blyth, apparently raised beds or large pots could be used so present soil depth not a problem. Please let us know your thoughts:

My idea is that we develop the bowling green into a Sensory/ Community garden. The green would be loosely divided into 4, hopefully 5, areas to represent the 5 senses. When I was headteacher, I created a garden that contained things like the following:

Sound – gravel paths that made a noise as you walked on them, wind chimes that could be hung from branches or man made features, “weeping” type shrubs that rustled in the wind.

Sight- plants of different colours and height, paths that make patterns such as a spiral or zig zag, a “dry” garden built on a rockery to add visual interest, mounds of different sizes created and planted with grass seed.

Touch – plants such as different grasses, rockery plants, stones, logs, a water feature even ( utilise the pipe that is already there). I had a solar powered pump for the water feature at one of the schools.

Smell – any plants that smell nice – lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle. The climbing plants could be trained to grow up a trellis. Bees and butterflies would be attracted then, adding to sight and sound.

Taste – apple, pear, walnut trees. Nothing that needs a lot of looking after.

In the centre of the garden, there could be an arch or pergola with a bench. The garden would be ongoing and added to, with interested villagers encouraged to make it “their own”. There would be an initial financial outlay depending on the garden design and we would need several volunteers to do the work but once that was done, it should not need much maintenance. Any grass may need to be cut, but some of it should be left to grow wild on purpose. Some weeding and pruning may be needed.

There is a good sensory garden in Hunstanton that we could visit to get more inspiration. I don’t know if there is one nearer.

If the council are interested, I could do a presentation at the next PC meeting. Also if anyone is preparing a survey to find out what the people in the village would like the Bowling Green to become, perhaps my idea could be included. As I wasn’t at the last meeting, I don’t know what decisions were made.

Best wishes

Sally Blyth