Defibrillator – Donations

Honingham Defibrillator

Honingham village now has a defibrillator, it is in the Honingham Buck carpark and is situated on the right hand side by the overflow carpark entrance, on the wall of the offices.

To enable us to have this defibrillator David Bishop and Sam Steggles organized fundraising and without the generous donations of the people and businesses below, which raised £1685 towards the cost, this would not have been possible. The fund was topped up by the Parish Council to allow this life saving facility for the village and surrounding area.



Mr and Mrs A Waller

Mr and Mrs D Bishop

Mr and Mrs S Steggles

Mr and Mrs Betts

Mr and Mrs T Sapey

Mr and Mrs A McKay

Mr and Mrs M Frazer

Mr and Mrs Hooker

Mr and Mrs Winson

Mr and Mrs Grant

Mr and Mrs A Cwieczek

Mr and Mrs M Davies

Mr A Allen

Mrs K Crocombe

Mr E Parry

Mrs R Barker

Miss S Sainty

Bowls Club

Lucy’s Fund

Building Plans Ltd

DGM Architecture

Telecom Alliance

Hulbert West

John Smith Builders


Defibrillator – its now in place and live!

It has taken a lot of time and effort but I am very pleased to announce that The Honingham Defibrillator is up and running and going live this morning with the ambulance service.

The Defibrillator is situated as you drive into the Honingham Buck  Car Park, on the wall on the right hand side in the entrance of the over spill car park on John Smiths office. A big yellow box, you can’t miss it.

Several Honingham residents have been trained to use this and administer CPR – however, don’t wait to contact one of these should you suspect someone is having a heart attack, just dial 999. Tell the operator you are in Honingham and know where the defibrillator is, the operator will give you a code to access the defibrillator. The defibrillator is  so easy to use it talks you through what to do!

Further guidance to follow.

Bowls Club Next Metting

The Bowling Green – an update

Since the devastating news that the Honingham Bowls Club has folded, the Parish Council has been considering the options of what to do with the Green. No obvious choice was becoming apparent, so a survey of Village opinion was sought – a form was delivered to every house in the village.

At the recent Parish Council meeting on 26th July the results of the survey were discussed. 27% of the forms had been returned, but analysis of the results did not seem to give the Council any reasonable mandate for spending large sums of funds or effort on any of the options.

One new idea was put forward by Craig Mattless at the meeting why not keep it as a bowling green? Not a serious club to enter leagues, but just an “Open to all” facility for friendly, social bowls activities. This seemed a popular idea, which would cost a minimum of effort and cash to get going. After some discussion Craig agreed to head up an effort to get things moving. But time was of the essence if something was to be done in 2016.

So on 2nd August Craig got a few people together at the green to look around and see what would need to be done – the PC Chairman, Terry Sapey (who is cutting the green), Ted Perrett (The Ex Bowls Club Chairman) and a couple of others who had agreed to help get things moving. After a look around it was decided that the idea could take off with a minimum of expense. Some work and equipment was needed. The need for publicity and an inaugural event was discussed, and it was thought that perhaps coinciding the event with the upcoming “History Day” would be mutually beneficial to both events.

Funding and equipment is now being sought, and a further meeting is to be held, at the clubhouse, at 7pm on Tuesday 16th August so that decisions can be made in readiness for a report to the next PC Meeting on 23rd August.

All interested parties are of course welcome to attend the meeting, when such things as the details of the inaugural event will be discussed. Offers of disused bowls and other equipment will be very welcome.

It is hoped that despite a few problems the idea can be tried out. It will cost very little, and by the end of the year we will have some idea as to the potential success as we go into the 2017 season.

Children’s Playground

Thank you to Shaun Harvey for letting the Parish Council know that the children’s swings were damaged.

Craig Mattless and  Paul Blyth mended the swings yesterday. The wood was completely rotten so Craig replaced that and Paul did the steel. They are safe to use now

Thank you 🌞

Honingham Parish Council – Meeting

There will be a meeting of Honingham Parish Council at the Village Hall on Tuesday 26th July at 7pm. Full agenda still to be set, it will be posted on the 2 village Notice Boards at The Pump and Fellowes Road over the weekend. Important items to be discussed are the Defibrillator and the training that has taken place; the Survey regarding usage of the Bowling Green area; and, Planning Application re Merryhills Caravan Park. We would especially like to invite people that are likely to be affected by this Application to attend the meeting and get their views known.

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