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Honingham Parish Council have a new website which is now available. Please note that this website will no longer be updated. To view the website please visit;

A47 Update – urgent, please read!!!

The Parish Council were informed that at Easton Parish Council, this evening, Highways England would be attending and discussing the A47 proposed route between E Tuddenham and Easton. Four of your councillors attended, David Bishop, Linda and Roger Human and Terry Sapey (+ Maureen Sapey); residents of Taverham Road Honingham also attended. It was very interesting – more so for what wasn’t said (or confirmed) than what we were told. Easton naturally concentrated on the Easton roundabout, but we asked questions regarding Wood Lane, our Church and Taverham Road. It is of concern that at present the suggested route for the new A47 to cross the present A47 is right in front of the church – and could well take the form of a flyover. Wood Lane appears to have a roundabout at the bottom/Honingham end, which may save our residents of Wood Lane – but of course, there is still no firm evidence of where the NDR will join the A47, and could be Wood Lane. Taverham Road residents have grave concerns as to whether the new A47 will go through their land. We have invited Highways England to attend our Parish Council Meeting – and they may be able to attend our meeting next Monday, 11th Sept. If not it will be Oct 9th. We would urge all Honingham residents to attend the meeting on the 11th Sept, if  Highways England cannot make it we will let you know via website or Notice Boards and Phone Box.

Mrs.Betty Hodgson’s funeral at St.Andrews Church Honingham on Monday July 10th at 2pm.

After Mrs.Betty Hodgson moved to Church Farm House she soon became involved in village life. She was a valued member of the church often doing the flower arrangements. As President of Honingham Womens Institute, and a member of the darts team, she invited members to her house where they spent many happy afternoons playing tennis and having cups of tea and cake. Many parisheners have fond memories of their children having lots of fun in the swimming pool on the games afternoons. We also enjoyed walking round the garden and viewing the snowdrops. Table Tennis was another of her interests and she was a very good player. She will be remembered with affection by the people of Honingham.

Susan Grant

former member of Honingham Women’s Institute

Phyllis Smith

Sad news that Honingham’s oldest resident has died.

Janice and Trevor say that it was a happy release for her and the family. On her death certificate the reason was old age which does not happen often. The funeral will be on November 3rd at Saint Andrews Honingham at 10 30 then family cremation at Earlham. Phyllis was 101 years old.

Honingham & Tuddenham – 1963 film

We are grateful to Mrs Sapey for sending us this link to a lovely film about the vicar for the area made in 1963. Fascinating glimpses of the villages, the churches, Honingham Hall, Mr Baldwin, the school, and residents.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. Click on the link below

St Andrew Church in 1910


Lych Gate

Memories of the Church’s Lych Gate

Lych Gate


The word Lych is an Old English or Saxon word for corpse. In the Middle Ages when most people were buried in a shroud rather than a coffin, the dead were carried to the lych gate and placed on a bier, where the priest conducted the first part of the funeral service under its temporary shelter.

The gateway was really part of the church. It was where the clergy met the corpse and the bier rested while part of the service was read. It also served to shelter the pall bearers while the bier was brought from the church.


Most were built around the mid-15th century, although some were earlier. Traditionally in some areas at the end of a wedding service as the bride & groom leave the church the gates are closed (or roped off) by the local children, and the couple have to pay them to let them pass! (acknowledgement to wikipedia for these comments)

WW1 Memorial in the Church