Draft Minutes Village Hall Committee January 2018

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee
Minutes of the meeting held at 4 p.m Monday 22nd January 2018.
Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human, Mr Brian Winchester.
1. Apologies.
Mrs Julie Turner.

2. Minutes of previous meeting.
Read by all before the meeting and signed by Ray as a true record.

3. Matters arising.
Sally reimbursed £3.50 for photocopying the folk dance posters.
Ray to ask Christine Harvey about the remaining stored items.
Brian suggested having one bank account. Ray explained why he’d like to keep two plus the YBS account. As at 15/12/17, there was £3,118.53 in the fundraising account.
Ray cannot find a more recent order than Fire Safety Order 2005.
Brian to download free templates to keep Health and Safety issues up to date.
Ray has made 5 fire evacuation signs, one for each call point plus a spare.
The easy chairs to be sprayed outside on the next convenient fine day ( Ray to liaise with Sally).
Ray reported on the update of the Fire Risk Assessment. This document will be kept in the metal filing cabinet in the lockable store room.
A roller blind to be ordered for the new accessible toilet as a person’s outline can be seen from outside once the light is on. The window is frosted but low.
Mr Middleton has moved his motor home.

4. Treasurer’s report- running account
Nothing to report.

5. Treasurer’s report – fundraising account.
As stated, £3,118.53 as at 15/12/17.

6. Hall bookings.
Autism Anglia have booked the hall for 3 meetings.

7. Fundraising.
£180 coming from Rix Petroleum.
Ray to find out the terms of the recoupment order. £4,913.18 at the end of December 2017.
Brian to meet Graham to see if we can have 2 quizzes a year e.g May and December.
Sally to contact Shinanikins about a future date for a folk dance.
Brian and Ray to find out about a Whist Drive.
Ray will hold his Peony Cream Tea in June.
8. A.O.B.
9. Date of next meeting.
Monday 5th March 2018 at 4 p.m.

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