Honingham Parish Council Meeting 9th October 2017

Honingham Parish Council

Parish Council Meeting on Monday 9th October 2017

Village Hall at 7pm



  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes from previous meeting (for approval)
  3. Matters arising (from previous meeting)
    1 LH to collate and submit feedback to Highways England regarding dualling for A47

3.2 RH to continue liaison with Matthew Rampton regarding visibility at junction of Colton Road/Mattishall Road

  1. Finance
    1 Collier Turf Care Ltd – Supplies for Bowls Club

4.2 Annual Service to Bowls Club Mower

4.3 Clerks Salary

  1. Planning
  2. Highways and Footpaths

6.1 Update on land known as ‘the Triangle’

  1. Police Matters
  2. Leisure and Environmental Matters

8.1 To discuss the replacement of the noticeboard on Fellows Road

8.2 To discuss a contribution towards the production of the Parish Pump newsletter

  1. Correspondence

9.1 Highways England amendment to presentation of dualling of A47

9.2 Correspondence with Norfolk County Council regarding dualling of the A47

9.3 Parish Council feedback to Highways England regarding dualling of A47

9.4 Minutes from Highways England regarding the dualling of the A47

  1. Date of next meeting – Monday 14th November, 7pm.


Jordana Wheeler

Parish Clerk

Honingham Parish Council

26th September 2017

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