Draft Minutes of Honingham Parish Council Meeting 11th Sept 2017

Honingham Parish Council

Minutes of the Honingham Parish Council Meeting

Monday 11th September 2017, 7pm, Honingham Village Hall

Present Apologies Absent Present Apologies Absent
 David Bishop (DB) (Chair) Sally Blyth (SB)
Linda Human (LH) (Vice Chair) Natasha Cargill (NC)
Roger Human (RH) Sam Steggles (SS)
Terry Sapey (TS) Jordana Wheeler (JW) (Clerk)
Members of Public in Attendance 20
External Visitors Invited to Attend and Present
To receive a report from Highways England on the draft plans for the dualling of the A47 and the impacts on Honingham.

3 representatives from Highways England attended the Parish Council meeting to present further details of the planned dualling of the A47 between Easton and East Tuddenham.  This follows the announcement in August 2017 of the preferred route in Option 2.  Further details are available online at http://roads.highways.gov.uk/projects/a47-corridor-improvement-programme/  Members of the public were also in attendance and it was a ‘full house’.  DB invited Highways England to present their plans alongside a large scale map before questions were submitted by the Parish Council, followed by parishioners from Honingham, then other members of the public.  Both the Parish Clerk and a Highways England representative were taking minutes of the discussion.

ACTION – JW will produce minutes of the discussion in a separate document and submit these to LH.  LH will collate further feedback from the Councillors following the meeting together with the minutes and will produce a letter to submit to Highways England forming the Parish Council’s official feedback as part of the consultation.  Highways England has requested this by the end of September.  A statutory consultation will begin in early 2018.








No. Detail Action
1 Receive and Agree Apologies
1.0 No apologies were received.  JW was welcomed to the meeting and introduced as the new Parish Clerk.
2 Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
2.0 The minutes of the meeting held on 14 August 2017 were read by JW.  They were agreed by all as a true reflection of that meeting and signed by DB.
3 Matters Arising from previous meeting

Update on visibility at junction of Colton Road/Mattishall Road


RH has been attempting to contact Matthew Rampton regarding the continuing issue of visibility at the junction of Colton Road/Mattishall Road but has not yet had a response.  JW provided RH with copies of previous communications between George Middleton (previous Clerk) and Matthew regarding this issue.  The last recorded communication was on 12 May 2017.  Matthew Rampton requested a map detailing the area of land known as the ‘Triangle’ in a different area of the village and this was provided by George.    This relates to a separate issue regarding continued concern this land may be used for illegal encampment.  There was no discussion of the visibility issues in this correspondence.

In a separate conversation between RH and Matthew he indicated that he may be willing to coppice the hedge at the junction of Colton Road/Mattishall Road.  ACTION – RH to use the additional contact details on the email communications provided by JW to attempt to contact Matthew again to discuss the negative affects the vegetation on his land is having on the junction of Colton Road/Mattishall Road.














4 Finance














The following expenses were submitted to the council by JW to be paid.  Payment was agreed by DB and cheques were signed by LH and SB.


Mazars – Fee for Audit – £30.00

Thomson Reuters – Quote for Book (Parish Councillors Guide)

It was agreed that following the support the council have received from Norfolk Parish Training & Support and from Mattishall Parish Clerk Luisa Cantera that this book was no longer required.

Mr T Sapey – Petrol Costs for grass cutting of bowling green and play area – £12.02

Mr G Middleton – Salary payment – £300.00

Mr T Sapey – Additional petrol costs for grass cutting of bowling green and play area – £11.63

E.ON Electricity Bill – Bowls Club – £90.63


5 Planning

Application Number 20171481, Extension to rear of garage, 42 The Street Honingham


The Councillors have all viewed the submitted planning application and there have been no objections.  ACTION – Comments will be submitted to the Planning Department online.




6 Highways and Footpaths
6.1 See 3.1 for update on junction of Colton Road/Mattishall Road
7 Police Matters
Nothing to report.
8 Leisure and Environmental Matters

Update on Village Hall Toilets


LH provided an update on the planned improvements to the village hall toilets.  The Steering Group has met and agreed that they will do the majority of the work required to improve the village hall toilets ‘in house’ with volunteers from the village.  This will mean they can get the work done quicker rather than having to apply for additional funds to complete the work.  Trevor Smith and Ted Perrett will be leading on this and hope to get the majority of the work done during October.  The work to be completed is as follows;

–          Changing the cloakroom area into a Disabled Toilet, including digging trenches for drains, plumbing, electrics and tiling.

If anyone in the village is able to assist with this work please contact the village hall committee.

9 Correspondance

Update from Dong Energy on the planned Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm


A letter was received by JW on 4.9.17 from Dong Energy providing details of community consultation events regarding their plan to build an offshore windfarm including onshore substation.  Unfortunately due to the date the letter was received a number of the consultation dates were no longer available.  A copy of the poster with the consultation dates has been displayed in the village phone box and is also being held by the Clerk.

DB informed the council that Dong Energy had been expected to attend the recent parish council meeting at Easton but had not attended.


10 Date of Next Meeting

Monday 9th October 2017, 7pm, Honingham Village Hall

A presentation was made to George Middleton, retiring Parish Clerk.  DB thanked him for his hard work and commitment over the last 27 years and George was presented with a gift, and his wife was presented with some flowers.  The Parish Councillors wished him well for the future and hope that he enjoys his retirement.


DB thanked the public for their attendance and the meeting closed at 20.30


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