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Welcome to this weeks rural crime newsletter. Below there is a summary of some the incidents across Norfolk.  We would like to thank you for all your calls to Norfolk Constabulary; every piece of information, no matter how small helps us make Norfolk a safer county.

You are our eyes and ears and we depend on your assistance to reduce rural crime. 

If you do not wish to leave your details, you can also call anonymously or via Crime Stoppers.

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Crime report

Reports accounts for the previous 2 weeks.

6 Stihl strimmers, 6 Stihl leaf blowers,2 Stihl petrol saws and 2 beaver pack breakers have been stolen from Suton

Hare coursing reported at Saxlingham, Feltwell and Banham

Bateson 4 wheel trailer stolen from Horsford

Heating oil stolen from Alburgh

Lead taken from gate posts in Thuxton

Van broken into and power tools taken from Tibenham

Silver Mitsubishi L200 Pick up stolen from Crimplesham

Lead stolen from the roof of the Cricket club at Brooke

Irish males selling Generators, Chain saws and knife sets from the back of a van in Thornham

Hay bales set alight in Hempnall

2010 Swift Challenger Caravan stolen from Brookville

Battery taken from a combine in Shotesham

Large Haystack fire (Arson) at Badersfield

Audi stolen from Denver and recovered by police a short while later in Cambridgeshire


Unfortunately there have been a few incidents of arson to stacks/bales this last few weeks in the County; please remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour immediately. Remember a registration plate will help us greatly, don’t hesitate, please call and we will respond.

Follow the below advice to protect your stacks which was created in partnership with the National Farmers Union and Fire service.

Protect your stacks this season

Just remember S.P.A.C.E

  • Stacks – Ensure your stacks are not close to the roadside, forcing an arsonist into a wide open space will be less appealing to them. Have smaller stacks, losing a smaller stack will have a lesser impact on your business than losing a large stack. Refer to your insurance policy as you may find you will only be covered for a maximum amount & may be obliged to place your stacks at a set distance from the roadside.
  • Patrols – Instruct your staff to conduct roaming patrols recording the registrations and descriptions of any vehicle or persons seen acting suspiciously. Conduct these patrols at various times of the day and night.
  • Arson – In the event of an arson dial 999, monitor any onlookers noting descriptions and vehicles. Offenders will often return to watch the commotion that follows, remain vigilant and discuss your observations with the Fire Service and Police at the scene.
  • Cameras – Utilise wildlife cameras, they are very affordable, they do not require electricity and can be used throughout the rest of the year helping to protect other areas of your business.
  • Evidence – Report your suspicions to us immediately so we can promptly investigate. We can share suspicious activity with the many subscribers of this newsletter and by sharing your information throughout the rural community we are more likely to obtain the evidence required. Contact DC Andy Brown on his mobile number 07900 407106 or via the Op Randall email OperationRandall@norfolk.pnn.police.uk

Free Farming & Agricultural Crime Prevention Advice

Seen something that just doesn’t feel right to you…let Andy know about it, it may well end up being the missing piece of the jigsaw now or in the future.

Don’t hesitate to give DC Andy Brown a call with any information, concerns or queries you may have concerning rural crime.

Andy has been visiting many farms and he wants to visit a lot more! Please contact him to arrange this, he can offer you some great advice to help you protect your property and livelihoods. Andy can also provide your staff with handy stickers to place in offices and vehicles etc providing them with the numbers to call in the event of any suspicious activity.

Don’t forget he can offer you advice on metal theft and an array of other rural crime matters too.

Give him a call…….07900 407106

Invitation to Barnstorming Event

This is an open invitation to all subscribers. I am obliged if you could email the Randall inbox if you plan to attend.OperationRandall@norfolk.pnn.police.uk

Have a great week

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