Percy Peacock

Sad news I’m afraid….RSPCA came to see him today and decided he ought to see their vet, when they picked him up (in a swan carrier) they said he didn’t weigh very much. The intention was that he would be taken to a bird sanctuary to recuperate. However, Paul Blyth received a phone call this afternoon and it seems that Percy was in quite a bad way – elderly, arthritic, and possible kidney failure. They said it would be best if he was put to sleep, so Paul agreed.

Percy had been in the village for over 2 years now, and he certainly brightened us up with his colourful plumage, we will miss him.

3 Responses to Percy Peacock

  1. June & David Carter says:

    Very sad news. RIP Percy.

  2. John Anthony Skipper says:

    Sad news – Percy will be missed. He has certainly brightened up our village.

  3. Julie Wvendth says:

    How sad but what joy he brought when we saw him. Rest safe Percy x

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