Barnado’s Boys

Do you remember the Barnado’s Boys at Honingham Hall?
Paul Blyth went to school with many of them and became firm friends with some; he has recently been in touch with Leon Squires, one of his school friends who was a Barnado Boy, and Leon came to see Paul and Sally recently, and they have just made a visit to Leon. Paul and Leon are hoping to arrange a reunion of as many “old boys” as they can and hope that the website may provide a way of getting in touch with them – Barnado’s would not be able to supply this information for obvious reasons.
This from Paul and Sally:
Leon came to see Paul in late March and was able to look at some of the archive material the village hall has about the Dr Barnado’s boys at Honingham Hall. They remembered each other and started thinking about other boys and whether they could arrange a reunion. Leon now lives in Tiverton and so when Paul  went to Devon in April, they could meet up again – this time with their respective wives, Jacky and Sally. Leon has a painting of Honingham Hall by Alf Baldwin which he had brought along. When Alf Baldwin retired from looking after the boys at Honingham Hall, he and his wife lived in one side of what is now Paul and Sally’s house.
If anyone has any contact with ex Honingham Hall boys, could they please let them know that a reunion is being considered.

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  1. Leon Squire says:

    Hello….Leon Squire here…..without the ‘s’ on the end…lol. Just read Sally Blyth’s few words (today = 30 April 17), about Paul and I getting together and chatting over old times. Wow! What a throw back. It was very kind of Paul to receive me in his beautiful home after a lifetime has past. To then meet Paul and Sally socially in Devon soon after was a pleasure my wife and I very much enjoyed. I look forward to becoming involved in Honingham Hall history and a ‘Hall Boys’ reunion plan that could take some time to arrange…..if at all. Nevertheless, I will do what I can for the history of the village. Now I have connected with Paul and Sally and dropped into this website, I will keep an eye on Honingham village postings….for my interest and being a little nosy…lol. I would love to hear from anybody else who knows me; whether it be from the Hall or school. Hugs to ole’ friends. Leon

    • humanl says:

      Thanks Leon – sorry about the extra “s”……we are hoping to hold Honingham History Day again this Summer (probably June 25th) so there will be lots of photos and probably lots of old friends for you to meet!

      • Leon Squire says:

        Hi Humanl (lol),
        A ‘Honingham History Day’ (HHD) on Sunday 25th June… coincidental! On Tuesday 27th June, Jackie (my wife I went to school with at Costessey) and I attend a Costessey School (1964 year class) 7th reunion so we will be visiting Norfolk from our Devon home at that time. It’s either a coincidence….or your ‘efficient’ Sally Blyth has organised the dates to coincide from chats I have had with her. Capital stuff I say! If you do manage to hold your (HHD) on 25th June, Jackie and I will definitely attend. In fact, if you would like, I would be very happy to deliver a presentation about Honingham Hall, its grounds, the boys and staff. I can do that by a ‘basic’ presentation or via a Power Point presentation if you have projector equipment, etc. There is not long so it might be too much of a challenge….for all of us…lol. There ya go…its a start. What does Honingham Village Organisers think of that?
        Hugs to ole’ friends,

        • humanl says:

          Wow Leon! That sounds good! Yes, please contact Sally and we will arrange ?

    • humanl says:

      Hi Leon, Linda Human again, possible Sally and Paul will have sent you an email….we muddled up the dates I’m afraid……on June 25th we have the Dunkirk Parade and the Hall is booked for this event so we will not be able to hold our Honingham History day after all. So, maybe give you a bit more time to prepare? Let Sally and Paul know some dates of when you are in the area again and we will try to fit around you. Sorry for the mix up. Linda.

  2. Skip says:

    I am still in contact with Norman Bateson, a Barnado boy who visited the village a couple of years ago. Happy to give his details, as he would be interested in the possibility of a reunion.

  3. Paul Blyth says:

    Nice one Skip.
    I have put a ‘public’ message on my ‘facebook ‘ page asking for any ex Hall Boys to make contact.
    A bitofa shot in the dark but its a start.
    If a few with interest can be found maybe the project could escalate.