Village Hall Committee meeting February 2017

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee
Minutes of the meeting held at 4 p.m Monday 20th February 2017
Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human, Mrs Julie Turner.
1. Apologies.
2. Minutes of previous meeting.
Read by all before the meeting and signed as a true record.

3. Matters arising.
Christine Harvey has tidied the store room again and will take some old equipment to the skip. When the toilets are being refurbished, we will need as much room as possible in the store room.
There was much discussion over our hourly rate hire charges. All agreed to the proposed increases, as detailed in a hand out from Ray.
If a cheque bounces, we need cash prior to the event.
We have received 2 quotes re: the toilet refurbishment. More expected.
Sally met Denise Winson at the hall and has the curtain measurements for the 2 windows in the main hall. Sally and Julie subsequently obtained several samples and will meet Denise before making a final choice.

4. Treasurer’s report.
Christine reported that there was £4,325.59 in Santander as at 6th Feb 2017.
Ray presented a handout showing income/expenditure to 31/12/16 for this account.

5. Yorkshire Building Society Account.
There is £3,739.47 in this account.

6. Equal Opportunities Statement of Policy.
Sally and Linda will meet to rewrite our policy.

7. Hire charges.
This was dealt with in Matters Arising.

8. Application for small grant.
Sally presented the application form for the small grant. There is lots of information to gather but once obtained, this can be used for subsequent grant applications.

9. Any other business.
Ray had obtained a leaflet about WIFI in village halls. Julie will ask Jerry to have a look.

10. Fundraising.
The jazz evening raised £175.
Mr Human donated £50

11. Date of next meeting.
Monday 3rd April at 4.00 p.m.

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