Police Connect – Rural Crime Report

In Coltishall a small village store attacked by 2 males. They made off in a small hatch back focus/fiesta type vehicle.

Spixworth Post Office was burgled with the intention of targetting cigarettes. A door panel was kicked in to gain entry.

Lincolnshire Police called to inform Norfolk of a cigarette theft just south of Spalding. The vehicle was last seen heading towards Peterborough. A vehicle registration was taken, the investigation will continue.

Heritage Patrols were carried out at a specific vulnerable location in North Norfolk. A joint operation, Op Chronos linking in with English Heritage and Historic England are helping Norfolk Police to identify, target and patrol specific locations at risk of Nighthawking- Illegal metal detecting.
In Raveningham a single axle steel trailer 8×5, with spare wheel made by PAGE of Gt Yarmouth was stolen. The chassis number and the index that was displayed has been passed over to Officers so an identificaton can be made once it’s located.
Farm and Agriculture.
In South Walsham a dark blue Ford Mondeo pulled onto farm land, up a private driveway. When sighted the vehicle left.
Close to Elvedon there was a deliberate ignition of a 10 sq metre piece of ground including trees. Fire service attended and extinguished the blaze.
Rural crime

In Threeholes, 2 males were challenged in a white van that had driven onto private land looking for scrap. When challenged and told to leave the area they became abusive.

At Great Yarmouth a small group of males seen at the rear of a dark coloured van ‘putting something together’ piping. Officers attended quickly and this turned out to be a large quantity of syphoning gear and a 500 gallon drum of diesel. 2 males arrested.

In rural Clenchwarton a Fiat 500 was seen driving past a farm entrance several times very slowly with a male and female occupant. This activity was deemed suspicious so it was reported to the Police.

At Hockwold, 3 males in a white van seen driving slowly past and paying close attetion to the farm. Officers conducted an area search, no fly tips or anything of note in the area.

In Mundford a 21 inch self propelled Honda rotary lawn mower was stolen. A large window was physically removed from the side of the shed to gain entry and take the mower.

In Martham, a large 7ft high metal garden bird feeder station was stolen. The top half being removed but leaving the bottom section remaining in the lawn.

Heating oil
In Weeting the theft of heating oil was reported. There are lines of enquiry that will be followed up.

At Mulbarton 900ltrs of heating oil has been stolen. The tank was located in the garden. During the theft a silver BMX was taken and the lock broken off the shed, though noting appears taken from within.

In Claxton, up to 1500ltrs of heating oil has been stolen from two tanks at the same location. A few nights ago a small 4×4 was seen after torches were spotted being used on the land, the 4×4 sped off when the occupants knew they’d been observed.

A road side restuarant in Hethersett was the victim of theft with120 litres of used cooking oil set aside for bio diesel. When confronted one of the two males became verbally aggressive and the white transit van they arrived in was diriven at another staff members vehicle to ensure they could escape. An index of the van was passed across so the investigation can continue.
At South Pickenham, BlueBells and Snowdrops, up to 10,000 were dug up. The plastic crates for transport and re-sell were left on site. These Crates and plants recovered by owners.

In Narborough the following day, a second batch of Snowdrops and BlueBells were rpeoted stolen, htese were dug up and removed, the theives leaving behind some transport crates.

In Swardeston, 2 persons were seen on farm land with a large torch. They may have been hare coursing with dogs. Local Officers were unable to find anything.

Around Southery, a maroon Honda CRV with 4 males and 4 Lurcher type dogs were seen driving on farm land. The dogs were not seen lose or to have chased any animal.

Between Denver and Ten Mile Bank a gold coloured Subaru was seen in relation to hare coursing. The vehicle sped off across the fields.

Around the Rushall area a green Subaru Forester was seen with 3 persons and 3 Saluki type dogs in it. It is believed they were looking for a field with hare to go coursing.
Pink is the colour
DC Andy Brown reminds you that a simple spray of florescent pink paint will make your batteries un-attractive to thieves.
Whilst the offenders are on your land looking for stolen batteries, what else are they looking at?
Are you leaving yourself vulnerable to further incidents?
We would encourage all subscribers to Property Mark your items. This can be as easy as post-coding items or using products like SelectaDNA or Smartwater which can be easily applied to smaller items which helps identify them, combined with clear signage- this will dissuade thieves.

2 tractors had their batteries stolen in Diss. Both vehicles were parked unattended in a field when the theft occured.

At Colney a locked shed containing horse tack was broken into. The battery from an electric fence was stolen from the same paddock.

Wildlife Crime: WildlifeCrime@norfolk.pnn.police.uk
If you are aware of an incident or offence taking place there and then or shortly afterwards please dial 999. The above inbox will not be monitored 24/7 but it will provide you with a direct way to contact our Wildlife Crime Officers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your local Wildlife Crime Officers:

Insp Jon Papworth WCO Lead
Sgt Andy Tomlinson
PCSO Helen Maxwell
PC Ben Clark
Kings Lynn / Downham Market
Pc Maria Asker
Kings Lynn
PC Jim Squires
South Norfolk
PS Richard Bedder
PC Jason Pegden
North Norfolk
PC Stu Doe
North Norfolk
PCSO Mac Cornaby
Around Feltwell, what is described as a ‘truck’ type vehicle was seen on private land shining a red lamp across the field. The land owner had not given permission for anyone to be the land.

We would like to thank you all for the ongoing support you provide Norfolk Police.
Have a good weekend, from the Op Randall team.

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