Honingham Village Hall – Minutes

Honingham Village Hall Management Committee
Minutes of the meeting held at 4 p.m Monday 9th January 2017
Present: Mr Ray Grant, Mrs Sally Blyth, Mrs Julie Turner, Mrs Christine Harrison, Mrs Linda Human.
1. Apologies.

2. Minutes of previous meeting.
Read by all before the meeting and signed as a true record.

3. Matters arising.
The equipment has been tidied in the store room and Ray will contact Christine Harvey at the end of January (2017) re: housing her surplus equipment.
£129 was banked after expenses had been taken out for the history day. £77.40 has been reimbursed to Paul Blyth for flip displays.
Following the booking on 24/12/16, we need to a) Look at our hourly rate to see if we are covering our costs – increase in April if necessary and b) consider a contingency plan for if a cheque bounces.
Ray has fitted 2 battery smoke alarms.
Ray presented a copy of the latest plans for the toilet refurbishment. Linda explained about costings and possible ways of raising the money.
The boiler broke down after the service but has been repaired free of charge.

4. Treasurer’s report. Christine reported that as at 7/11/16, there was £3,963.98 in the Santander account.
Ray presented a summary of the fundraising account ( Barclays), showing that we have sufficient funds to donate £2,500.00 towards the toilet refurbishment.

5. Any other business.
A £300 donation from the defunct bowls club may be given to buy new curtains for the two windows in the main hall. Sally will ask Denise Winsom to measure up for new curtains and/or new linings only, depending on the price.

6. Fundraising.
There have been approx. 30 tickets sold for the Jazz Night on 14th January so far.
The Festive Quiz raised £145.65.

7. Date of next meeting.
There will be an extra meeting on Monday 23rd January at 4 p.m with the main meeting on Monday 20th February at 4 p.m.

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