Minutes of Honingham Parish Council held 9th Jan 2017

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on Monday 9th. January 2017, at7.00 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr and Mrs R Human, Mrs N Cargill, Mrs S Blyth and Mr T Sapey.  17 residents of the village also attended the meeting.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mr S Steggles.

The Chairman began the meeting by welcoming Mr Nick Atkinson, who is working for the design consultants who are concerned with the development of the A47.   Mr Atkinson then addressed the meeting.

He said that his role was to talk to people at this stage, and gather opinions and thoughts about the possibilities for the dualling of the A47.  A statutory consultation will follow, when more input from local people will be possible.  Finally, it will all be put to the government minister, who will make the final decision about the route.  The consultation will take place during the first half of 2017, with a possible exhibition of maps and plans and information in April, probably in Honingham Village Hall.  There will probably be four options for the route. He stressed that this was just the first stage of consultation, and that there will be many opportunities for voices to be heard. He invited questions from the members of the Parish Council and the residents who were at the meeting.

Will consideration be given to the links with the NDR and the proposed Food Hub?  Yes, all these things will be factored in to the debate, and the implications considered.

What will the four options be? There are no constraints on the routes, so some options may go north of the existing road, and some south, or a mixture of the two.

Will the Church be cut off from the village?   The general principle is that the existing road should be kept in use for 90% of the building time.  This will enable the Church to be served.  Its final situation relative to the village can only be known once the final route is established.

Will village landowners be affected by a possible southern route? All considerations have to be looked at, but it is too early to answer this question.  Do not read too much into the fact that some land in the village has been surveyed – these surveys are being carried out over a huge area.

Is the funding for this project definitely settled?  In the end it will be a political decision, so there is always the remote possibility that it will be cancelled at the last minute.

Is compulsory purchase still used?  Yes, but as a last resort. It is always better to negotiate these matters.

Will the surveyors and contractors be using the latest technology, such as drones, to obtain accurate results?  Yes indeed.  It will be a very detailed survey.

Will this be of any help in improving the bus service to the village?  It will depend on the route, but this will be a point worth making.

If everything falls into place, what is the earliest that work can start?  The start date may be the middle of 2020, with the work taking about 2 years.

The Chairman then thanked Mr Atkinson for his valuable contribution to the meeting, and the rest of the Agenda followed.

THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.

There were no MATTERS ARISING.

FINANCE.  Some further discussion followed about the Parish precept for 2017-8.  It was decided that the final figure would be £5000.

Two cheques were agreed and signed: to Building Plans Ltd, for plans for the proposed Village Hall extension – £360.

Clerk’s salary for 2016 – £450.

PLANNING.  Several members of the Parish Council had attended a meeting with Mr Ian Alston, at which he had presented his plans for the Food Hub.  The general impression gained had been favourable, though the increase in lorry traffic was an issue.  Mr Alston had said that  lorries would not be allowed through the villages, and alternative access roads would be built.  The Chairman, drawing on his experience in the transport business, said that a lorry driver under pressure would not always respect regulations, and that some foreign drivers might not be familiar with local rules.

The possibility of houses on the field below Fellowes Road was discussed, but no planning applications had been received yet, and it seemed unlikely at the moment that any planning permissions would be granted.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS.  The Highway Rangers would be visiting the parish, and the Clerk was asked to mention the missing road sign at the west end of the village, the pavement between Tud Lane and No. 8, the vegetation encroaching on the footpath towards the Church and the poor drainage and consequent puddle on the road by the bridge.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS.   Mr Human spoke about getting the roadside hedges on the Mattishall road cut.  He had met with Mr Ian Alston, who had offered to do the work for free, but who needed the permission of the landowner, especially as about 15 metres of hedge needed to be removed.  Neither Mr Human nor the Clerk had had a response from Mr Henry Alston, who acted for Mr Rampton in these matters.  The Clerk was asked to write directly to Mr Rampton about this.

The Clerk had received electricity bills relating to the Bowl Club.  Mr Perrett said that nothing was owed, and the Clerk was asked to query the bills.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS.  Mr Human said that tickets were selling fairly well for the Jazz Evening on January 14th.    Mrs Human said that a large advertising structure at the new roundabout ought to be removed, and the Clerk was asked to follow this up.

THE NEXT MEETING was fixed for February 13th. 2017

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