Parish Council Minutes 12th December 2016

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on Monday 12th.December 2016, at 7 pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr and Mrs R Human, Mr T Sapey, Mrs S Blyth, Mrs N Cargill and Mr S Steggles. There were no apologies for absence.

THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.

MATTERS ARISING:  The meeting arranged with Mr Ian Alston will be on 19th.Dec at 7pm, at Honingham Thorpe Farm.

In response to the Clerk’s note about cutting the hedge at the bottom on Colton Road, Mr Brooks had sent a message agreeing to do this, but mentioning the various wildlife protection factors that he was taking into consideration.

There had been no response to Mr Human’s letter about cutting the other roadside hedges in the village, and the Clerk was asked to write to Mr Henry Alston about this.

FINANCE.  The Parish Council discussed the setting of the precept for 2017 – 8.  The Clerk and the Chairman had provided summaries of previous years’ accounts, and the meeting considered the fixed costs that had to be taken into consideration. These included insurance, grass-cutting (now reduced to mower fuel and servicing, now that the Sapey’s were cutting the grass on a voluntary basis), Clerk’s salary etc.   This led on to a discussion of the plans for new Village Hall toilets.  Plans had been drawn up, and some possible sources of grants had been identified. It was established that a £5000 donation from the Bowls Club would be available when needed.  Much detailed discussion ensued, and in conclusion the Parish Council agreed to set the 2017/8 precept at £4000.

There were no PLANNING issues for this meeting.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS. The Clerk had been contacted by Mr Atkinson, who was involved in the design stage for the projected A47 improvements.  He would attend the next Parish Council meeting on January 9th.   Mr Bishop reported that the pavement on the Street between Tud Lane and No. 8 was badly broken up. The Clerk was asked to write about this.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS.  It had not been possible to reconnect the electrical supply to the Bowls Club, as it turned out that the meter had been removed.  The Clerk was asked to arrange for a new one to be installed.

CORRESPONDENCE.  A new issue of Licensing News had been received, and was passed to the Chairman.

NEXT MEETINGS of the Parish Council were arranged for January 9th.2017 and February 13th. 2017


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