Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held 14th November 2016

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on Monday 14th.November 2016, at 7 pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman),Mr and Mrs R Human,  Mr T Sapey  ,Mrs N Cargill, Mrs S Blyth and Mr S Steggles.

There were no Apologies for Absence.


THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.


MATTERS ARISING – (a ) a  letter had been received about the footpath from the village to the new roundabout,  saying that it would be cleared of the encroaching vegetation.

(b) Mr Human had written to Mr Rampton about cutting back the hedges by the village roads, and his letter was read out.


FINANCE:  the following payments were agreed, and cheques signed –

Mike Amiss Signs   £525.00

Collier Turf Care   £416.51 (materials and equipment for the bowling green)

East Tuddenham Parish Council (repayment of overpayment for war memorial)

Mr D Bishop   £231.60 (playground and shrine expenses)

Mazars   £30   (Audit fee)


PLANNING:   A letter had been received about consultation meetings for the proposed Food Hub.   Members of the Parish Council noted the dates.  Mr Alston had invited members of the Parish Council to meet with him, to discuss concerns: this meeting might include some residents of the village.   A date would be arranged.


HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS:  A letter had been received about traffic monitoring which would take place in connexion with the construction of the Northern Distributor Route.

Mr Anthony Meynell had let the Council know that his closing-off of the stile on Berry’s Lane was due to the fact that his timber merchant now used a bigger lorry.  People were welcome to use the alternative footpath route further along the road.


LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS:  Mr C Mattless reported that the new materials and equipment for the bowls club green had arrived.  The Clerk was asked arrange for the electricity supply to be reconnected.

Information was distributed from the Hornsea Project 3 Windfarm enterprise.

BT had enquired whether the Parish Council wished to purchase the other phone box within the Honingham area, which stands in Colton.   The Clerk was asked to contact Colton Parish Council about this.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS:  path to the bus stop on Mattishall Road – Mr Steggles will apply weedkiller.

Mr Sapey requested action on the hedge at the bottom of the Colton Road hill, which was spreading over the road. The Clerk was asked to contact the householder.

Mrs Cargill reported that the Heritage Ranger project was moving forward.

Mr Human reported on the Jazz Night he was arranging.  He envisaged the tickets costing £12.50, to include a meal.

Mr Bishop spoke about the Greater Norwich Action Plan, to develop housing.   Honingham Thorpe Farm had put forward proposals for 3,900 dwellings and infrastructure, including shops, a primary school and a Community Centre. There was also a proposal for 13 houses to be put on the field between Fellowes Road and Mill Lane.

Mr Skipper asked whether it would be possible to get rid of the bus stop by the pump, since it was no longer used by any buses.  The Clerk was asked to write about this.

Mrs Human had received some updates regarding the provision of high-speed broadband in the village, and had received much information, which the Clerk was keeping in the records. Nothing likely to happen until 2018 at the moment.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

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