Honingham Parish Council Minutes of meeting 10th October 2016

MINUTES of the meeting of Honingham Parish Council held on 10th. October 2016, at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall.


PRESENT were Mr D Bishop (Chairman), Mr R Human, Mrs L Human, Mrs N Cargill, Mr  T Sapey and Mr S Steggles.  14 residents of the village also attended the meeting.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Mrs S Blyth.


THE MINUTES of the previous meeting were read, approved and signed.


MATTERS ARISING: 1. A letter from Broadland District Council stated that no further free dog waste bins would be supplied, but that the Parish Council could pay for a bin and its emptying at over £200 a year.  It was decided that this option would not be taken up.

  1. All the defects in the Children’s Playground equipment, as noted in the RoSPA report, had been put right by Mr .D Bishop. The members of the Parish Council expressed their thanks to him for this.
  2. No answer had been received to the Clerk’s letter about the footpath to the new roundabout.
  3. Mr R Human has booked the Jazz musicians mentioned at the last meeting for an evening on January 14th.2017. The evening might include a meal.


FINANCE:  The Clerk had received a Precept Consultation document, which was to be circulated among the Parish Council.


PLANNING:  1. Planning Application 20161566 (Stable Block near Greenacres, Colton Road) was considered at the meeting.  No objections were raised.

  1. Two documents had been received in connexion with Environmental Impact Screening for the proposed Food Hub. The members of the Parish Council undertook to study these before the next meeting.


HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS.  A note had been received from Mr A Meynell, saying that he had removed the stile leading to the footpath over his field off Berry’s Lane, and blocked up the gap. However, a gate and a permissive path were available a few yards along the road.

LEISURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS. 1. Mr Human has been in contact with Mr Rampton about the hedges alongside village roads, and will contact him about trimming the hedge on the Mattishall Road.  Mr Winchester asked that the hedge by the Dereham Road should be included.

  1. Mr C Mattless has had a meeting with an authority on bowling greens, to discuss the maintenance of ours. As a result of this meeting, he produced a detailed schedule of equipment and materials, together with a timetable of maintenance. The cost for a year  would be between £1000 and £1500.  The meeting thanked him for his work on this, and supported this expenditure.  Mr Mattless has also consulted an electrician, who said that there would be no problem in reconnecting the Bowls Club to the electricity supply.
  2. A letter had been received about  a Heritage Ranger scheme.  The members of the Parish Council would study the letter, and it would be discussed at the next meeting.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS.  1. The Paper Recycling Bank would be removed, as it was hardly used now.

  1. Mr Winchester said that a car was once again parked at the end of Mill Lane.  It  was pointed out that it was not there all the time, but that an eye would be kept on the situation.
  2. Mr B Webb spoke to the meeting about the dangers of the Wood Lane / A47 junction. He gave it as his opinion that all traffic joining the A47 at this point should turn left and go up the roundabout. Mrs L Human, and other members of the Parish Council said that neither Broadland District Council or NCC Highways would entertain this idea. Mr Webb also asked about the refurbishment of the War Memorial in relation to Armistice Day, and was assured that the process would be complete by then.


THE NEXT MEETINGS were fixed for November 14th and December 12th.2016.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

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