At this week’s Parish Council meeting the costs of resurrecting the Bowling Green, and of the ongoing maintenance, were put forward by Craig Mattless. These were of course “worst scenario” amounts, as several fund-raising events are planned during the coming year to minimise the outlay.


Some discussion was forthcoming, with strong support from some members of the PC. This decision was being made after much effort to find out what the Village wanted – the Bowls option seemed to be one of the cheapest and most popular one. The recent “Open Day” was very successful – with many residents signing up to support the idea of a casual, friendly Club – open to all. The proposal was adopted unanimously.


The Committee can now get the electricity reconnected (so that the irrigation system will work again), and carry out the recommended Autumn treatments to the green. Work parties will of course be needed, and volunteers are urged to contact Craig. The green won’t mow itself!


Murmurs of dissent will of course be heard. “Such a lot of money to be spent” etc etc.


But if the new Club and its fundraising events are successful there will be no great expense to the village. If it is not (and we will soon know) then the idea could quickly be abandoned and the Village will just have to decide on what to do with the green instead.


But the Committee is determined to give it a real go, and hopes that the village will respond by using and enjoying this wonderful facility.


WATCH THIS SPACE……………………………….

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