Children’s Playground

Thank you to Shaun Harvey for letting the Parish Council know that the children’s swings were damaged.

Craig Mattless and  Paul Blyth mended the swings yesterday. The wood was completely rotten so Craig replaced that and Paul did the steel. They are safe to use now

Thank you ?

3 Responses to Children’s Playground

  1. Heidi says:

    Don’t the parish council pay a substantial amount each year for these pieces of equipment to be safety checked? If they were as rotten as that, wouldn’t they have picked it up or do we have some kind of supersonic wood rot in Honingham?

    • humanl says:

      Yes, they are checked, but we have had lots of rain – and I wonder if the damage was actually helped along the way?

  2. Paul Blyth says:

    Thanks to Craig for doing all the hard work and using his super equipment and at the drop of a hat.

    The full extent of the rot wasn’t realized till Craig lifted the anti bird spikes on top. I also think a ‘professional safety expert’ at least should have mentioned in report there was a problem up there.