Updates for Northern Distributor traffic hold ups

While many people are looking forward to heading for the sun or putting their feet up, we’ve got an active August ahead, so sorry if this disrupts your travel. We are trying to get as much traffic-sensitive work out of the way before the return to work and lessons in September.

The main things to be aware of are:

~ The closure of Holly Lane from Monday 1 August (next week!) for the rest of August. Drayton Lane will be reopened to provide a
route between Reepham Road and the B1149 Holt Road.

~ A week later (8 August), the closure for one week of Buxton Road just south of Spixworth.
Although we are building the Buxton Road bridge off-line to avoid a long-term closure of the road, we still need to move some gas and water mains, and this is the best time to do it.

~ On the Postwick junction, traffic from the east heading into Thorpe St Andrew will be diverted via Trowse bypass for several hours from 8pm on Saturday 6 August. This is to allow protective barriers to be installed on the Postwick north-west roundabout (the original one) so that a segregated left-turn lane can be added.

Just the mention of the Postwick junction will raise the blood pressure of some drivers. Please remember that the junction could not be left as it was and that what is there now is the only layout possible on that site. Read our FAQs to find out more about the junction, and the reasons for the work in August: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/-/media/norfolk/downloads/roads-and-transport/ndr/construction-programme/postwick-junction/postwick-junction-frequently-asked-questions.pdf

If you are getting away this summer, safe journey!

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