Hellesdon Hall Road, open for business despite roadworks

Spotted on Street Life today:

Hi I would like to point out that Hellesdon Hall road is due to close for about 12 weeks so big firms can expand. Who thinks of the small business already trading at Hellesdon Barns, this will kill their trade. Why can’t they keep the road open and have it as a one way.

When they so called improved Longwater trading area did they stop traffic getting to the big shops already in place, NO they changed the road system allowing traffic to still reach the shops with the least problems as possible.

My wife owns Wooly wotnots Wool and crafts shop at the Barns, she has ploughed all her savings into the shop and has just managed to survive the winter period, now they intend to close the road to stop customers easy access to the complex all through the summer.

Can every one who reads this please tell people that they know the complex is still open and will need local trade more than ever over this hard time, as we know the developers will not try to help. Thanks for reading this. Keith

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