Annual Parish Meeting 3rd May 2016

MINUTES of the Honingham Annual Parish Meeting, held on Tuesday 3rd.May 2016 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall.


The Chairman of the Parish Council, Mr D  Bishop, welcomed Parish Councillors and residents of the village to the meeting.   Mr R Human had sent his apologies.


THE MINUTES of the previous Annual Parish Meeting were read, approved and signed.


CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS.  Mr Bishop said that he was enjoying being the Chairman, and that the village had a good community spirit.  He felt that the Parish Council was working well and was starting to make changes. He thanked the Councillors for their work.


PARISH COUNCIL REPORT.  The Clerk began by calling attention to the audit summary that had been distributed.  He invited questions on the Council’s finances, and said that the books were available for inspection at the meeting. The balance on the Council’s last bank statement was £6477.04.

Food Hub: during the year, plans for the new Food Hub at Colton and Easton had been proposed, and the Council is aware of the implications for new buildings, traffic movements etc., and is keeping a watching brief at the moment.

Plans are now advanced for the purchase of a defibrillator, and local individuals and businesses have been generous with their contributions.  £1150 has been raised so far.

Buses: the Parish Council continues to have no success in getting buses routed through the village. The company running the X1 say that it would add 5 mins to their timetable. The recent damage to the bus stop has led to the Council asking for that stop to be moved to a safer place.

Bowls Club: various proposals are being evaluated and costed.

The Phone Box is now a great asset to the village.

The Clerk thanked the Chairman and the members of the Parish Council for all their hard work.


MATTERS ARISING FROM THE REPORT. The Chairman reported that one of the preferred options for the Bowls Club was now a pitch and put course.  The Council is trying to prepare a Land Ownership Map of the village, and the architects in the village had kindly reproduced a 1907 map showing field boundaries.


VILLAGE ORGANIZATIONS.  The following activities take place in the village at the moment:  Bell folk, Table Tennis, Coffee Mornings, Craft Evenings, monthly Dances, Fitness Classes, and, West Coast Swing.


THE AILWYN CUP. Two candidates had received an equal number of votes, and would have the Cup for six months each.  The Cup was presented to Mr and Mrs P Blyth, for their work on the Phone Box.  Halfway through the year they would hand it to Mary Davis.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting.

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