Apology to Mr S Harvey of The Street Honingham, re Planning Application 20160184 comments.

At the Honingham Parish Council Meeting of Wednesday 9th March, Mr Harvey raised the matter of the Parish Councils response to his Planning Application as above. He said that the Parish Council had acted without due regard for accuracy of facts and impartiality, accusing the Parish Council of untrue statements and implications.

The Parish Council had submitted the following to the Parish Clerk on the 25th February and asked that it be used in response to this Application:

With regard to the application of Mr S Harvey (20160184) in relation to the proposed extension to the rear of the property. A number of the Parish Councillors have been approached by Mrs Diane Savage who is the next door neighbour at no. 44, her comments have been noted and she has been advised to contact the District Council Planning Department with her objections.
However, in relation to the new vehicle entrance and the removal of the existing hedge being replaced by brick wall to the same height, the PC unanimously object to this proposal unless the new brick wall does not exceed 1 metre in height.

However, after the meeting it was clear that this wording had not been used, and indeed the wording submitted could be misconstrued as being unprofessional and biased.

The Parish Council wish to apologise unreservedly to Mr Harvey for this mistake, and have ensured that the original requested wording (as above) has been substituted.


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