Bus Stop

I attach a copy of my emails to and from Konect. I was surprised to get a reply from them so quickly, and have now handed it over to the Parish Council for follow up. I wonder how it is that they have been writing for such a long time without a response – perhaps they should have put a stamp on the envelopes?? Only joking!



2 Responses to Bus Stop

  1. humanl says:

    Well done for getting a reply John! Let’s hope that David and George can arrange a meeting, the bus co have ignored us up to now. Linda

  2. Jerry@jerrybart.com says:

    Very good letter John.
    Your point about running early is very valid. One bus was waiting last month on my way back from Barnham Broom. To turn left into Colton Road I had to go on the other side past the bus then almost hit one of our villagers who was hoping to turn right. Obviously with a bus sitting there they couldn’t see anything towards Mattishall.
    I believe it is time for real action over this junction, the bus stops, the visibility and the speed limit. Enough is enough.