Berrys Lane/A47 Advertising sign

Grateful to Jerry Bart for sending me the picture below. As Jerry says, to put this up on one of the most dangerous junctions in Norfolk is extremely worrying…….beyond belief really! I shall be sending a copy of this photo and comments to Norfolk Highways in the hope that they can do something about this. If all else fails perhaps a petition from the villagers might influence further. Any comment or suggestions?



4 Responses to Berrys Lane/A47 Advertising sign

  1. June Carter says:

    Another petition? Villagers may want to know the result of the last petition they signed?

  2. John Skipper says:

    This cannot be legal. I have reported it on fixmystreet.

  3. John Skipper says:

    The firm’s website is

  4. humanl says:

    Good news, thanks to Laura we hear that the sign is to be removed and the company concerned may well be prosecuted. Linda