Speed Monitors

At last we have been able to set up speed monitors on The Street (eastward) and Norwich Rd (westward). They will be with us for 2 or 3 weeks to show drivers (and anyone passing) how fast they are really travelling through the village!

Data recorded by the devices will be analysed to show us what problems we may have, and any particular time of day problems occur.

The Parish Council hopes that they will help keep our village safe. In the future the monitors could be positioned in different places within our 30 mph zone.


2 Responses to Speed Monitors

  1. Jerry@jerrybart.com says:

    I think the speed sign has been brilliant. I noticed Easton has a permanent one today. Would be great if it could afford one ourselves. Do we know the cost?
    Jerry Bart

    • humanl says:

      Thanks Jerry, we are collecting data from the 3 weeks that we have the signs, perhaps then we can decide – discuss at Parish Council – whether they have been effective, whether a permanent sign would be useful, or whether indeed we pass the data to the police and ask that we have the occasional police manned camera.