Library Van

It’s library van time again…Wednesday 16th September our library van will be visiting Honingham: Fellowes Rd at 0940 and The Pump at 10am. Come and meet up for a chat too ? and maybe ☕️

2 Responses to Library Van

  1. June Carter says:

    Not much use to those of us who work 9.00am-5.00pm. In fact a later time now and again would be most beneficial to those of us who work all day and are unable to get to the library during opening hours.

    • humanl says:

      Hi June, yes when I was working I couldn’t use the library van, as John has pointed out we are just trying to keep the service running for the village. I would imagine that it would cost too much to run the van during the evening – but I will pose the question when the van calls next. I know that Wymondham also offers evening hours, and I’m sure that Taverham and Costessey libraries do too, I have used them all! If you go onto the libraries site it gives you times etc. Another thought… you use a Tablet? Norfolk Libraries also offer a digital service, you can download any time and anywhere (I’ve used this service on holiday in Tenerife!) and books return automatically after a couple of weeks so no fines. I would be happy to show you how this works if you like. Linda H