The RAC Box – Bryan Webb’s memories

The RAC Sentry box was a landmark situated on the fork road junction with Mattishall Road when travelling from Norwich to Kings Lynn on the A47.

As you may know the RAC is an organisation for the motorist to give them support and assistance when needed whilst motoring. When you become a member you receive a key which fits all RAC boxes in the country, so members can use the boxes to summon assistance.

The local patrolman by the name of Joe Thompson, with his motorcycle and fully equipped sidecar would regularly park on this very dangerous junction in front of the RAC Box.

When on duty, the duty of the patrolman was to view each approaching vehicle to see if it was displaying an RAC badge at the front. If so, he had to salute the driver. It was said that many members reported a patrolman if they were not so acknowledged!

It was also said that the patrolman was responsible for maintaining the box and the upkeep of the area around it.

Over the years there were many accidents at that junction. The one i shall never forget was when an ambulance with several badly injured people on board from a serious accident on the Buck corner was on its way to the N&N hospital and overturned onto its roof in the field behind the box. Conditions were snowy and icy at the time.

The RAC box was listed in the Eastern Counties Bus timetable as the only No 13 stop for Honingham village both ways on the Mattishall Road.

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