The Buck

I have visited the Buck several times. For me, the Guinness is superb, the staff  are friendly, the decor is lovely, and the food is superb.

Every day I seem to  meet  villagers who say to me “I hear the prices are a bit steep” ” I hear the menu isn’t too good – none of the usual things” ” I hear the portions are a bit small” ” I hear the manager isn’t very friendly” “I don’t like the new sign” etc etc……

None of them have actually been in the place to form their own opinions. Might I suggest you take the chance to do so and see what it is like. It is a lovely place, and it is OUR pub. It is open. We are lucky to have it.

If you do have any gripes or suggestions about things then why not mention them to the staff. They are open to ideas and eager to please, and the menu is changing all the time.

Hope to see you in there sometime.

2 Responses to The Buck

  1. June Carter says:

    Absolutely couldn’t agree more. How can you pass comment if you haven’t tried it! And remember people….use it or lose it!

  2. Dawn Knibb says:

    I agree totally. Its very sad that people choose to dismiss The Buck without having stepped inside. The Renovation work & decor are fabulous. So much hard work has gone into bringing the pub back to life, its now a lovely place to eat & drink. How lucky we are to have such a gorgeous pub in our village. Infact I’m just off there now to meet friends for lunch!!