Bad news for litter “Tossers”

A breakthrough in roadside littering

After many years of persistent campaigning, CPRE and Lord Marlesford managed to get the Government to agree that local councils need additional powers to deal with people who throw litter from their vehicles. Rather than having to prove exactly who threw the litter – something that proved largely impossible – councils can now issue a fine to the owner of the vehicle, making sure the crime doesn’t go unpunished. This new provision brings littering in line with other driving offences such as speeding or parking infringements.


Let’s hope we see some offenders charged very soon.

Click on this link to watch an amusing video about litter.



2 Responses to Bad news for litter “Tossers”

  1. J Carter says:

    Good news, about time too.

  2. Natasha says:

    I can’t wait to move in to Honingham and start litter picking in earnest. Those ‘tossers’ had better watch out, their days are numbered. Hooray.

    I apologise for any inconvenience suffered by Honinghamians due to my house build, the end is in sight. Early Sept is when it will all, hopefully, draw to a close and the banging and crashing and cars parked roadside will end.
    Thank you for your patience.