Mrs Robinson – Church Farm House

The farm and house had been separated for some years and in 1950 the house was occupied by Mrs Mary Burton – widow of Dr Burton, and her daughter Helen. Help for the house and garden was obtained from the village people. Mrs Burton died well into her 90’s and Miss Helen  continued to live there for some time on her own. Eventually she decided  to move into a smaller home in Norwich, selling the house to Mr William Quinton, whose grandfather William Grand had been landlord of the Honingham Buck.

Mr Quinton was a Barclays Bank  manager and his son Richard became chairman of Barclays Bank. He and his brother Michael and sister Shirley lived at Church Farm House until their marriages. Michael married  the second daughter of Mr Bert Smith. With the children gone Mr & Mrs Quinton found the house too large and moved back to Norwich, selling the house to Mr & Mrs Myrtle, who built the brick wall which now encloses the road side of the garden.

Mr Myrtle was a director of Norwich Breweries, and when it was taken over he moved to Scotland, selling the house to Mr & Mrs David Hooker, who converted the back part of the house for Mrs Hooker’s parents, Mr & Mrs Harry Hodgson. In 1987 Mr & Mrs Hooker were working in London but usually spending their weekends at Church Farm House.

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