The Red House (by Mrs Robinson)

In 1950 the house was occupied by Mr & Mrs Morris and their children Stephen, Bill, Virginia and Ben. Earlier that year Lady Ailwyn had moved out to Surrey, having moved into The Red House with Lord Ailwyn when the estate was sold up in 1935. At one time it was occupied by Mr & Mrs Frost, one of the Honingham Hall Estate agents. His daughters Hilda and Ethel continued to live in the village.

Red House was bought by the Ministry of Transport when the line of the by-pass was decided, and was let on a 2 year lease to Mr & Mrs Kraft, with 2 children Julian and Susan, who they educated at home. When they left to go to Devon Mr & Mrs Douglas Beaton moved in with their son Angus. At the end of their 2 years they moved to Garvestone.

The Ministry then sold the property to Mr & Mrs Alan Secker, who made considerable alterations to the house. Alan had worked with a builder named Gibson who had done a great deal of work for the Estate, so knew the house and the village well. They had two children Julian and Karen. They were still living there in 1987, trying to sell the house but keep the side garden on which to build a bungalow. Mr Secker had bought the chimneys from the demolished Hall, which he planned to incorporate into the bungalow, and the site is already divided into Red House and Red House Lodge.

They sold out completely and moved to a bungalow in Dereham in 1989.

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